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Melissa S Jun 2020
This thing called life is a series of experience
that colors our lenses on how we view the world

The unique shades we look through shapes our
perspective and makes our beliefs unfurled

Though we cannot look with other eyes
we can still try and see and appreciate their view

Tolerance and understanding will go a long way in
making the changes for this to come true

We have no way of knowing what others have experienced
in their past and with their own journey's of life

But we can make a promise to do better with how we
view these lenses in this time of strife
Melissa S Dec 2019
Be nice
Help a Friend
Its not everyone’s most
Wonderful time of the year
Melissa S Dec 2019
The enemy swarmed our gates again
around Mother's day last year.
We were unarmed and unprepared
we thought we fought them off the last time.
We thought our gates were impenetrable.
We are at full blown war now our weapons
are up and full armor is on.
We just take one day at a time
and just keep trying to figure out it's weakness.
We are trying to find out what pulls it down
just like it pulled us down.
We do not give up hope in finding this weakness
and we shut our eyes and ears to all the negativity.
The enemy we are fighting is cancer
and the gate it swarmed is our family, our sister.
We will never give up on fighting this!!!
Melissa S Aug 2019
One would think that I got
This thing called life figured out...
But that would be wrong
I’ve been in this world for 43 years
And the only thing I’ve figured out
Is I haven’t figured anything out

Sometimes I think I would just float away
If my son wasn’t holding the strings
He grounds me in a good way
With all the light that he brings

Most days I can hold it together
Other days I want to float out to sea
Would anyone miss me?
Yeah some days I am just getting by
Other days...who knows? I can just lie
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