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Melissa Blair Jun 2016
You inhaled me, impaled me
With your sword of burning love

I was the maiden, in danger of falling
Until I opened my eyes and awoke to your calling
You saved me from all that I hold inside
And pieced me together when I thought all had died

My darling, I love you with all of my heart
I always will, as I swore I would from the very start
You love me, I could never ask for more
For you are my knight in shining armour forevermore

You inhaled me, impaled me
With your sword of burning love
Melissa Blair Jun 2015
You calm the raging waves within
You soothe my deepest fears
You take away the pain that fueled
My soul throughout the years

You fill my days with wonder
You light up the endless dark
And with a smile, you warm me
And detonate my heart

The sweetest dreams are all of you
When day turns into night
And then I wake to your embrace
And everything's alright

These broken wings had lost hope
And I didn't know what to do
And I was always afraid of falling
Until I fell for you
Melissa Blair May 2015
I forever shake myself awake

When dreams cloud my sight

For I can't settle without heavy metal

To sing me to sleep at night
Melissa Blair May 2015
A moment's lost in sweet delight
Upon the raven, I take flight
Spanning wings of dark desire
Before all is consumed by fire

Eyes so dark, they bare the soul
Cold as ice and black as coal
Songs of death fulfil my dreams
While I sleep between the seams
Melissa Blair Apr 2015
Lips crack and split like the petals of dead roses.


Flowers come and flowers go and you were the most graceful of them all. You were a black rose, beautiful to behold but your stems were sharp and callous.

Why do you allow your thorns to chastise me?
I sit silently, reminiscent, remembering how I fell deeply in love with you and how you cut deeply into me.

Love was never supposed to be like that but it was love nonetheless.

I plucked at your petals as you made my fingers bleed and we traded our secrets. You absorbed my strength, I harbored your weaknesses and from that day, I was never the same.

You are gone, wiltered and your essence blows in the wind. My lips sense your presence and crack once more in the hope that you will return in bloom...

For though dead roses wield no sweet aroma, their thorns still puncture the strongest of skins.
Melissa Blair Apr 2015
You impel me to quote the raven
But does the raven truly speak?
When buried behind morbid eyes
Are these secrets mine to keep?

You ask for blissful ignorance
While we lay down to sleep
And as we fall into death and dreams
Our demons kiss and creep
Melissa Blair Apr 2015
Sorrow, it sings a mournful song
Heard only by the night
It sings of blood and broken bones
And wings of cold moonlight
Sorrow, it is the chains we bear
Before we take to flight

Hatred, it fills our heart with fire
It keeps us warm within
For flames cleanse the cruel desire
That accompanies sin
Hatred, it is the blazing pyre
That feeds the devil's grin

Myself, I am the human harbinger
The beast beneath your bed
I am the monster in your closet
The fears within your head
Myself, I am each wicked demon
That dances with the dead
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