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Maciej Cacha Mar 14
All I can do is try to make you feel better.
Feel wanted.
You and me,
But I can't help to see you look away,
Without me.
But you don't have to explain.
I know how you feel.
I hope I do.
But it doesn't matter,
Whether I know or not.
My help is always here,
For you.
Just in case you need an ear.
In case you need someone.
I may not be what you want.
I can't achieve your perfection.
But if I can be what you need,
I'll be the light.
I'll listen forever.
For it's all I can do.
Everything I say fades away,
Consumed by eternity.
You acknowledge my voice,
Yet somehow it's left unheard.
But it's no longer my concern.
All I worry about are your words.
For when you share them,
They are no longer your secrets.
They ask me to help.
I ask and do all I can.
I can't be left just a listener.
Maciej Cacha Mar 5
I've fallen into this hole.
It's getting deeper with every word.
I try to escape,
But I know all my efforts are in vain.
You're not the one pulling me down.
It's all me,
Always will be.
The one who can't look at the bigger picture.
Who didn't realize the distortion on the water.
It seemed so shallow.
Shallow like I am,
When I keep running away.
I left you alone.
But is that all I could do?
Am I nothing?
But a listener?
My actions can't affect anything.
You acknowledge my voice,
Yet somehow it's left unheard.
Maciej Cacha Feb 26
I hear the cries,
But there's nothing I can do.
I just sit and pray.
I pray for you.
But my prayers
Must God leave me now?
Must He abandon you?
In this time of need,
We look for the light.
It will lead our way,
That's what I'm told,
But I've never seen the light.
Not until I saw you.
You're the light I wanted,
I needed.
And I want to be the light.
The light that could lead you.
But I'm lost in it all.
There's nothing left for me to do,
But listen from the darkness,
As it consumes all I say.
You acknowledge my voice,
Yet somehow it's left unheard.
Maciej Cacha Feb 19
Just tell me what happened.
You hide it away for too long.
And afterwards,
It's all too much.
I understand.
But you're in pain.
You long for help,
That I'm incapable of giving.
I want to be the one to dry your tears.
But you're not crying.
Don't keep it in.
Don't make it worse.
You know it's not good.
Why keep the facade?
If it's what you want,
I can't stop it.
You're the one in control.
A humble listener.
My words have no power.
You acknowledge my voice,
Yet somehow it's left unheard.
Maciej Cacha Feb 12
Your whispers keep me awake.
I want to sleep.
I need to sleep.
You're soft, but all this is fake.
Soon it will come.
It has to come.
You're putting my life at stake.
Exhaustion kills.
This pillow kills.
Your lies won't give me a break.
My arm, so red.
I'll sleep when I'm dead.
Maciej Cacha Feb 7
I hate you.
I always have
And I always will.
You've never given me nothing, but stress.
Nothing, but pain.
Nothing, but fear.
From the very beginning I was scared.
Scared of death.
Scared of you.
You, who takes it all away,
As you look all of us straight in the eyes
And do nothing, but say with your heartless silence
"I am your master, now bow to me".
But I shan't bow no more.
I've had enough.
My own path is forged with more pain and suffering.
The pain that is better than your voice.
The suffering that won't bow to your commands.
I'm scared.
But that fear means nothing to me anymore.
I hate you.
Maciej Cacha Jan 29
Though we thought that our journey was over,
I see a light of a new adventure.
Though we thought we would not meet again,
The stars have aligned in our favor.
The fanfares are so loud, I feel pride.
I am looking where I have to go.
To get back to the place where I come from.
To the place where we all belong.
I can see them, right on the horizon,
All the people I've left behind.
Now it's time for me to come forth
And make the best of what I have in mind.
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