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...She ran with
a pair of scissors in her hands
For whatever reason, she
ran with haste and a hammer in her chest
She ran towards
the sunset that bridges the dark and
For she knows, this world has
been taken, not by sticks, but
by strings and
chains and curtains that
veil the obvious
She never looked back...
though she never understood the
it seemed the dark is not as
cold as they have told
There's time to burn
and to burn in the dark seemed more
the crown that speaks of faith
so the heart could
break free from the chains of
structured divinity and
decide who
the miracle maker
truly is
Bones turn brittle when
they're dry as
words turn into something else
when blood conceal the lies
We choose the sand over water
and hope for a
miracle when the choking becomes
too much to bear
we all wanted to be fooled
so we could blame the
shadows under the

Infinite Madness
...We learned to sing
the songs of our forefathers and
drank the wine that they brew
though we never really understood
We learned how to create a spark
and made it last the night
We danced around the fire
the fire that brought so much warmth
til it burns and we
learned to scream
hoping the agony would fade
But it stayed and it stayed
to define our existence
So we dream of dreams
dreams we never had
as a salvation in the dark
and managed to climb the tree that
leads to heaven
only to fall and beg on the ground
we dug a grave instead
desperately trying to bury the
...There's a reason or two why
clowns bother me
Those overgrown lips that devour
the lies underneath to
tell a tale of smiles dictates a
system of fallacy so
convincing that
we embrace it as if
it is
The eyes that paint the sky with sunshine
radiant... magical
They conceal a story of
and dust
And we crave for the comedy
each day and
we laugh and we forget that
clouds get dark
til it rains and we find ourselves
...Of the thoughts that
make up the madness in my
there's one that stirs every
bit of
left in my soul
And I try to find the calm
that I used to know
But I
get angry trying to find it in the
middle of the confusion
I wonder
of all the things I know and
those things that I
thought I know
this would create a nightmare that
drags my soul towards a
road under the scorching sun
I thought
hangover of regrets were the worst
but obviously they are
...I speak to myself
whenever the stars forget to
I say things that may
not make sense but
dealing with confusion when
everything swirls in different
shades of loose ends
one has to admit that
is based on the existence of
Perhaps, we've been denying it
long enough and it hurts
to be reminded of the truth
we desperately define the lines that
separate the illusions and
carry the burden of
the litany of defiance and
walk the common grounds
...There are times, not as often as he thinks about everything else, that he wonders why people do what people do. He couldn't quite understand their reasons, though he never gave it a thought before. He continued to gaze at the night sky but there was nothing to see but the vagueness in it...

...She whispers
like a guilt, like a needle
in the heart
Her voice lingers, her
thoughts wrap the denial
and the air suddenly becomes

...If he could understand, truly understand, the reasons why the need for it, then perhaps he wouldn't get lost in the middle of the confusion. Standing in the middle of it brings so many questions. But, there's only one that stands out...

...She sits
upon the threshold where
pain shares the sunrise
She knows it must be done, She
knows it must
For what sense is Her existence
if the purpose wouldn't be

...It took a while before he understood it. Perhaps it is a natural tendency to run away from the first signs of fire. Although sometimes the smoke doesn't turn into something that burns. It's a shame that the reason was too shallow. Nevertheless He smiled and walked towards the sunset...

...She speaks
as the thunder, illusions
rattle and familiar walls
Disoriented, panic collides with
reasons but
as with things that
drift, they eventually
**A Tangent Freeverse


*The first time I posted a tangent freeverse on a different site, I was asked by a couple of writers why the piece employs so much vagueness. At that time, I couldn't think of a straight answer... Until the "vagueness" became one of the key points of a tangent freeverse.
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