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Meghan Letson Oct 2015
If the Devil had a friend,
Who would it be?
Would it be you or
        would it be me?
You played with a top,
but you left it there spinning.
My mother's darkest hour
         became my beginning.
You abused her, ***** her,
and used for game.
Now because of you
         I'm the embodiment of shame.
A man has a job
to do what is right
but you'd rather crush souls
          and play as you'd like.
So I ask again, If the Devil had a friend,
who would it be?
Would it be you?
           Because I refuse for it to be me.
There's a thin line between right and wrong,
And now Nineteen years have gone.
I've cried and been angry
           but it all left me empty.  
A child can not pay
for the sins of the father
so I refuse to feel shame
            for what you did to my mother.
If the Devil had a friend.
Who would it be?
Would it be you?
Or would it be me?
Meghan Letson Nov 2014
don't wake my mum with your noise
I've told you before about this
about your racket
I mean there's more to life than just you
so get up and go
we have work to do
no no no
don't start start with the pity parties
no time for it then and no time for it now!
go go go
you selfish child
your nearly 18 so
it's about time
     you washed the dishes
and mowed the lawn
and payed the bills
and cleaned the house
and cooked the meals
and do the laundry
and your homework too!
and when your done
      you pathetic little thing don't forget
your hair is a mess
your face isn't clean
your weight is out of hand
your friends all hate you
your teachers care too much
your dog ate your homework
and your still not well after all
so stop being selfish and help me!
Meghan Letson Apr 2013
I feel like triangles i cant seem to make sense
i feel like a ball thats had its insides torn to shreds
i remember me being important when i thought that i wasnt
but now that im not i seem to notice
the dresses i wear hit my ankles hit my toes
I hate how i look
even when i wear my cloths
i thought i was smart
someone to ask help of
i thought i was worthy of your love
the more i type
the less i know
i dont make sense anymore
i dont have strenght anymore
i dont have the hope i hade before
i feel
Meghan Letson Apr 2013
I can remember
but I also forget
maybe I know you
but I don't think we've met
at least not in a formal setting
cause you see
I read hearts
and I've read yours
that's probally not something you've heard before
I remember meeting you
cause your heart said hello
but I sometimes forget that I'm
someone you don't know
but here I am
your "God sent angel"
but I'm human like you
I just know somehow
you need me
so here I am
I'm ready to start
"Pardon me but why are you crying?"
Meghan Letson Apr 2013
Don't you see them?
I do.
Every day they walk around
they smile
they pretend they're happy.
And we believe them
we beleive that crap
that a boy cant cry
its not good to yell
getting mad is bad
well I dont believe it
I've seen them
I've been them
Just another dead shell walking
just another day
just another
Meghan Letson Feb 2013
I was sitting in a stream
Watching dragonflies, when I decided
I hated my lives
Both of them
Every single moment

I was sitting in the shade
Crying to myself, when I knew
I had only one thing left
He’s all I had
And so I died

I was suspended in water
But not alone, when I was dying
Now that life has gone
The pain was gone
I rose out of the water

I was sitting in a tree
Absolutely terrified, as I remembered
Back to before I died
So scared
So alone

I was sitting in that tree
Singing, when I realized
I wasn’t hurting
I was sound
I was happy

I was sitting on the porch
Swinging, when I saw the sky
A bird there was humming
You were gone
But you never left

I was standing on a stage
Thinking, when at last I was happy
I was singing
They all listened
Even the bird

I was sitting in a stream
Alone, when I was enlightened
My heart found a home
I found peace
Pain left on the dragonflies

I was stuck in a shadow
Dying, when my anxiety controlled me
Kept me there lying
To myself
In my pain

I am standing in a room
Speaking, now I come rising
Out of the shadowed hiding
From dark to light
This is how anxiety died
Meghan Letson Dec 2012
To you my dear
To your heart I go
To the life you promise with me
  but first theres something you should know
Im not kind
Im not sweet
  and I dont want your love
I just want to kiss you and so
thats what I have to say to you my dear.
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