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Megan McCormick Apr 2014
because it still hurts to see your name
and I know I shouldn't feel this way
but you were all I wanted in life
and you ruined it
Megan McCormick Apr 2014
I've been saying Goodbye a lot lately;
Goodbye to the boyfriend
who I thought I truly loved,
Goodbye to the love of my life
because last time I never really said it,
Goodbye to my grandpa
who I never got to say Goodbye to.
Megan McCormick Mar 2014
They were so beautiful,
they were so loved.
No, they were sad
and they were told,
Look, it's okay. You'll
be loved,
be noticed.
You'll be at peace.
You'll get what you want.*
They were fed *******,
taught to give up,
because society likes the pain.
Megan McCormick Jan 2014
She's got a pretty smile
But her eyes don't match,
Because her trust's a little broken
And her heart's a little snapped.
Megan McCormick Dec 2013
That tiny devil whispers to me,
"Come on, darling, let them run free!"
He sits on my shoulder and purrs in my ear,
"Baby, baby, you don't need to fear.
I won't hurt you, trust and see,"
This is what he says to me.
Day after day he cries out my name
Pleading with me not to feel shame.
"These deeds are not sins," he whispers with glee,
"These deeds will release you, like a bird on a tree."
Megan McCormick Dec 2013
What are you supposed to say,
How are you supposed to talk,
When the world stops listening?
Megan McCormick Nov 2013
You were supposed to be the one.
The one little girls dream of,
My ******* Prince Charming.
I wasn't scared
So my guard was down and
I let you in
Even though I shouldn't have.
Lucky me, you turned out to be
One more disappointment.
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