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me Sep 2018
You held me in your arms and my eyes leaked the memories of your soul
me Sep 2018
One step forward, two steps back
I step left and you step right
One step closer,
in the dark of night
This dance we do
It goes on and on
It never seems right,
And it ever seems wrong
Round and round,
It goes round and round
All of my life,
I have never found
Who I’d ever
Dance with so long

I know you can hear me
When my eyes speak to yours
I know you can feel me
When I can’t give any more
Hold my hand; please make it stop.
One step closer, in the dark of night

So many years we’ve done this dance
From friends to nothing to sweet romance
It tears me up and it spits me out
How I just want to die
Or to scream and shout
But I’ll never give up, till the day I die
I will pray one-day
We won’t live this lie

me Sep 2018
Just another body
Just another boy
The day still goes on
The sun still rises
The stars still fill the sky
Than why?

Just another body
Just another boy
The world still turns
The leaves still fall
The flowers still grow
Than why?

Just another body
Just another soul
Just another body
How was I to know?

The sun shines not as bright
The stars are now all dimmed
As day falls into night
Leaves still fall
Spring still arrives
Yet, the flowers
                           have all
                 ­                       their scent
me Mar 2018
You are the grin across my face
the one I can’t explain
the yearning in my soul
I can’t seem to tame

You are the tear
in the corner of my eye
the ache in my body
the reason I sigh

You are the reason I dance
when the music plays
the reason I could curl up in bed
and stay there for days

You are the reason I reach
for the highest rung
You are the lyrics
after the song has been sung
me Mar 2018
I am the thought buried deep in your body
the one that makes you smile
I am your curious question when your mind wanders
the itch you cant quite reach
your warm moan with the first sip of coffee
your sigh with a swallow of wine
I am the chuckle as memories dance in your mind
the desire to teach
and the craving to learn
the reason to keep walking forward
and not look back
I am your yes
I am your maybe
I am your not and never will be

me Mar 2018
Another day, another chance
The broken road, that continues on
Pain, and the joy of when it leaves
Fantasies which hold more truth than reality
Lyrics when the music is missing
The music when the lyrics are missing
Friends who are family
Family who are friends
Refillable glasses
Refillable hearts
Refillable lives
Silence, which speaks
The joy of children, young and old
The dented, scratched, crooked, redefined, unconventional....
                                                     ....... beauty of Love
me May 2017
Surround me with songs and a love that touches
…my heart
                    …my soul
                                       …And my body

Let us dance to the rhythm of our hearts beating,
                       as the memories run down our cheeks
                                 for worlds to come

Love me in silence and screams that only we can hear

A love that makes me drop to my knees and pray again
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