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m Jul 2022
you crossed my mind today,
it made me cry a little.

i remembered that i promised to stay
at the place where you left me
just so you could meet me there
if you wanted to come back.

i was like a girl frozen in time,
a woman who couldn’t be moved.

but i betrayed myself
by breaking that promise.
i’m now realizing that
i’m slowly straying away from that place.

i hoped for a new beginning.
waiting for years was nothing to me
until i grew tired of it.

i’m sorry
but i’m giving up now
and i’m finally letting you go.
m Oct 2018
i was walking down the road,
on the way to my abode.
i stopped and watched the sun,
slowly kissing the ocean.
the colors of the sky,
seemed to say goodbye,
to the day that passed by.

— The End —