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Maybe Olive Mar 2014
He slowly pulled her shirt off
kissed her neck,
he picked her up wrapping her legs around his neck
She kissed him and they moved to the bed,
Drunk, he whispers "I Love You."
Days go on
and they are no burden
he showers with her
always saying that she is worth it
Vacation is over, he kisses her goodbye
"I Love You"
Back at home he calls his girlfriend,
He tells her of the visit with his mom
But nothing of the girl who is so called worth it...
Maybe Olive Mar 2014
She makes that first slash,
and then a second.
three, four, five,
The blood slowly trickles down her wrist,
six, seven, eight,
With each exhale she cut deeper
nine, ten, and now it won't stop.
The little girl thought nothing of what she'd done.
Who will kiss her boyfriend and tell him he is loved
who will tell her friend it's not her fault
who will hold her parents and let them know she'll be watching over them
But who was there to let her know they care?
I care.

— The End —