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Mav Small Jan 2014
when you're new to a social networking site
you feel like the new kid,
the kid whose parents had new jobs every year
bouncing him from one place to another
he sits in silence in black skinnies
hands in his lap
and Pierce The Veil in his ears

just the new kid
sitting at the cafeteria table
by himself eating a bologna sandwich
(does anyone even eat bologna sandwiches anymore?)
just watching in silence as everyone ignores him
you feel quite alone
Mav Small Jan 2014
I have glanced at your wrists
and wondered what put
you through that pain,
that you would
tear into those beautiful veins
with sharp edges
looking for answers
of why everything
was going downhill,
but we are that razor
we are what is tearing you apart
we are what pushes people to the edge
Mav Small Jan 2014
what to write?

sometimes I write about the boy
who broke my heart in 12th grade
he was a year older
but he acted like a child
my taste in men was ridiculous back then
if I could say so myself  

sometimes I just write what comes to mind
and it fits together perfectly
like the wintertime and a cosy corner
topped off with your favourite novel
I just let the pen do the talking
it was always better then I was

— The End —