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May 2011 · 5.9k
Imperfect Precision
Matt Jursin May 2011
I fell in love with a girl.
And when I say fell, I mean crashed, heart-first.
Immersed every inch of my self.
Into this love...

We went swimming.
So willingly.

And I held you...
So close.
So tight.
And we slept so sound in those surroundings.
In silence.
In the dark.

You didnt need a TV those nights to keep the boogeyman at bay.

So willingly...
I quenched you in my arms...
So that our hearts could perpetuate perfect pulses.
In a symphony of moving atoms.
And we produced thermal fusion.

I see you.
My reflection.
That first time we locked eyes...
We saw souls.
And this collision formed one heavenly body.
That's why I cried over this division.
This imperfect perfection.

And I never gave 2nd thought when you told me i'd never lose you.
I believed you.
But then...I wanted to.
I wanted you.

I'm still trying to brush away the dust as it settles into sentiment.

This reflection...
Rippled but real...
Forms rings of imperfect perfection...

When we're both looking in the same direction.
Nov 2010 · 4.7k
Deadly Curves
Matt Jursin Nov 2010
When I wrap my vision around your waistline...
I get tangled in knots that butterflies tie.
Wings thin as wax paper and transparent as your soul.

Curves of flesh produce exact precision.

But hey, I'm just a connoisseur of those...features.
Those fine-lines of feminine phenomenon.
This soft, subtle, sensual creature...

Delicious pheromones parallel the purest of poetic sentences.

I would speak velvet vows to your lips.
Volumes of words get whispered in a single kiss.
Vivacious verbs flirt with hidden hips.
And those hidden hips are hidden bliss to my male mind...

I got lost in hidden hips somewhere along the line...
But first I got lost in your mind.
Got blinded by your sunshine...
Body like a wine bottle...
So fine that no words or signs can define...

Those deadly curves.
Um yah, I pretty much love womanly features=-D

Im not sure if im done with this piece yet...stay tuned
Nov 2010 · 44.1k
Physical physics
Matt Jursin Nov 2010
Science says that there's a mathematical equation that explains everything in life.

But I say that not even physics bears an explanation for...the guidelines of attraction.
Our primal reactions are multiplied in...the highlights of passion.

These laws of love that linger like a lanterns lost illumination...
Like the campfire light on a clear night, leaves coals of culmination.

Sweat beads lead to bare threads and bare bodies.
And oh my, how bare bodies lead to imaginations running wild.

Cold winds inspire warm kisses and close skin.
Sincere actions aren't sins.

Bodies wound in union, formed by light and tightly bound.
Together, these twisted vines penetrate the hardest ground...
Together, harmonic souls produce passionate sounds.
Yet, still somehow, love gets lost more than love gets found.

This equation is numbers off lips that kiss the air.
Body language spoken...Our physical bonds parallel eternity and pi squared.
And you know that every moment that we share is nothing short of...molecular love for the masses...
Now held captive by gravity and magnetism...

See, the last full moon marked retrograde...and if the moon affects the tide of the ocean...and our bodies are roughly 75% water...can we assume that this is the only body powerful enough to keep ours apart?

This gravity...
This pull...
It's pulling me let me pull you closer, stop pushing me away!
Hold on tight, dont let these planets drift away into a dark rift of decay.

Let your love lap upon this solid stone like a river riffles smooth sandbars into hills of higher ground.

Because baby, without your water on my beach...
I'm nothing but a desert, dry and deserted.
Love, the drug.
Nov 2010 · 1.5k
I get lost.
Matt Jursin Nov 2010
I get lost in...
Hidden ideas and deeper meanings to what I'm feeling.
Looking for something real to believe in.
Over-thinking usto...start me drinking...
But I kicked that ***** to the curb and built myself a bandwagon.

That **** was poison, see...
I had to let myself help me.

Now when I close my eyes...
All I can hear is the...
Rattle-rattle-click, rattle-rattle-click...
The sound of round rotations, rolling over bricks.
Measured like a metronome...
Water droplets echo as they drip.

But if freedom is defined by the thoughts in my own my mind, then I'm frozen in the timeframe of tomorrow, never-yesteryear.
And I'm still a revolutionary, I expect the best in Here(point to heart).
And by that, I mean exempt from holding contempt for another mass of energy.
Another open ear.
Another open mind.
Another heavenly body.
Another mystical meteor shower.
Another alien species placed on this planet by a "higher power".

But who am I to point fingers?
To point out flaws.
To point out fraudulence.
To pinpoint the factors that built your facade.
To pick through your red brick fictons of how you think I should be perceiving god.

See...I get lost.
In a magic land...
With a tragic hand.
A tear in time and space...
A human definition of race...
One we so often judge with a 2 sided face.
This piece is more about self control and placing judgment on others than drinking or religion.
Nov 2010 · 1.0k
My bed is damn cold.
Matt Jursin Nov 2010
I need a girlie girl.
So feminine.
That needs to be cuddled and coddled and fondled and touched.


So passionate.
Open to true oneness.
In mind, and body, and soul...
Unified by a love that never gets old.
I'm sure it exists, though it escapes my hold...

And I'm reminded every night...
By the shivers that I fight.

My bed.
Sure is.
**** cold.
I guess i was feeling kinda lonely. This one just fell off the fingers...
Nov 2010 · 2.1k
I'm a bright idea.
Matt Jursin Nov 2010
Im a bright idea.
A dreamer.
A lover.
A scholar.
A fool.
Of pure heart and...
A pure soul.
Pouring purely positive intent...
Placed within these words My story unfolds.

This is uneasy, unfixed, unloved, unending oneness.
And I sit un-interrupted in my unfounded unhappiness.
Willing it to fall like a ton of bricks.
And I realize...
Inertia is linear, not uniform.

So I sit.

Untouched by more than a few.
Unsaved by the untrue.
Behaviors become virtues.
Truth becomes reality.
Truth becomes trust.

Just some ideas I had to get out...still not fin yet.
Oct 2010 · 1.3k
Lost in alliteration
Matt Jursin Oct 2010
Long-gone are the lullabies....
The lost language of love.
The legend of life-long bonds...
To which I'm so fond.
Rippled reflections in wishing ponds.
Some rough lessons have come and gone.
But I've sailed rigid on rocky seas all along...
Scribbling solitary sentiment as i ponder the wrongs.
Oct 2010 · 1.3k
Broken Heartbeats
Matt Jursin Oct 2010
Broken heartbeats feel like broken bones.
This soul stripped bare, so naked and alone.
High hopes turned into severed ropes...
Severed ties, bad excuses, and alibis.
Massive contusions and mass confusion...
You're a walking weapon of mass destruction...
A master of illusion.

And so this soul stripped bare,
so naked and alone still sleeps solo.

And for now, I'm ok with that.

Because sometimes broken heartbeats feel like broken bones.
Just some thoughts that turned into a poem
Jun 2010 · 686
Not today.
Matt Jursin Jun 2010
All i know is...

Not much.
Not today.

My mind is tired, old and decayed.
Typical monday.
Burnt, fried, rotten, moldy, a little bit dismayed.

So dont get on my nerves, they're frayed.
Dont get on my nerves, not today!
May 2010 · 633
Matt Jursin May 2010
Sometimes you have to let go...
watch the glass fall in slow motion...
shatter into little pieces...
of broken hearts, so crystaline...

Eyes capture everything.
Fractals fractured.
Into failed dreams.

This emptyness within me, so much harder than it seems...
Mar 2010 · 1.3k
Matt Jursin Mar 2010
Rest In Peace Hello Poetry.

You used to be so young and fresh...

Now you're that crackhead ***** I see standing in front of the liquor store begging for change.

I remember when you were alluring and attractive and people used to enjoy your company...

Now we all back away from you like the loud, drunk, obnoxious lady at the holiday work party. You know what I mean, there's always one. You turned into that annoying ***** and i hate you for it.

Lastly...I remember all the nice things people used to say about you. Those things were true.

Now the only truth is that you ****, and are stubborn, and wont listen to reason. Just like my Ex....who ironically...I wish was R.I.P.

Insert appendage here()
Mar 2010 · 564
This isn't it.
Matt Jursin Mar 2010
I wanted to write somethig really profound...
But my mind doesnt think in words...
It thinks in examples.
And this isnt a good one.
Mar 2010 · 3.6k
Alliteration Altercation
Matt Jursin Mar 2010
I got into an altercation over a little alliteration. I offended and cant amend it. It was more than an argument, I was almost arrested. I obviously ****** someone off with my honest offering. I wasn't teasing. See, all I said was pretty please...Will you **** my *****, while winding up my windmill and blowing between my *******?
I dunno what I was thinking, dont ask=-)
Mar 2010 · 1.5k
Here I sit wasting my wit
Matt Jursin Mar 2010
Here I sit, stale as a pile of ****.
Here I sit, wasting my wit... 
Nothing to inspire...
Nothing to remember...
No deep message to get.
Im jus' killin time...
Writin' lines that rhyme.
Freestylin' off the fingers as fast as I can think.
Flyin' off the handle...
Im me Zinc.
Secure in my manly dreams, not afraid to wear pink.
I'm a fan of good things, I speak them in tongue and write them in ink.
Im fed up with frauds and emo kids that think they're rock stars...
And smokers inhaling tar sticks...
In their smokey bars...that smell like ****.
I dont get it.
A couple things I'll never miss.
But here I sit, wasting my wit.
These are just a few frustrations I'd like to forget.
Feb 2010 · 506
The Truth
Matt Jursin Feb 2010
I offend a lot of people.

They dont like me.


-The Truth
Matt Jursin Feb 2010
I want to lick your tender lips...
Kiss the spot where you whisper.
Touch me forever...
Cuddle all night and dream.


Yes...I sometimes stand aimlessly in front of my fridge "writing poetry".lol
Feb 2010 · 698
Matt Jursin Feb 2010
Women. This is the religion I worship like water. Even if I drown, I will have had my thirst quenched by the goddess that lives in the river of life.
Feb 2010 · 986
Stone Walls
Matt Jursin Feb 2010
Emotions hidden behind solid stone partitions...
Stone walls encarcerating the soul and spirit...
These tears are granite boulders falling heavy on my chest...

Pain strikes deep.

Pain of a failed test.
Dreams are love-less.
Sleep isn't rest.
What a mess...
Knowing, seeing, holding this truth.
It's making me delusional...
more than confused.
My love, my heart, my soul refused.

I wanted you.
Tried to infuse with you.
I broke your code.
You broke my seven chakras in two.
Feb 2010 · 547
Would you?
Matt Jursin Feb 2010
Im still tryin' to figure it all out...
The less I speak, sometimes the more profound it seems.

If I placed some wise words on an opposite page...
Would you turn away or look me in the eyes, enraged?
Would you share your soul or build a wall?
Would you learn to pay more attention to the energy you engage?

Would you learn to love our differences? Learn to listen, learn to shine and glisten...instead of jus' sittin here waitin' and wishin'?
Jan 2010 · 25.2k
Shameful History
Matt Jursin Jan 2010
Lets stop n slam on somethin' shameful like war and anguish...
'Cause im pretty sure that tremendous termoil and suffering and starvation is the same in all languages...
But something that most of us will never know...
'Cause in this country you tend to grow a fat *** as you grow old.
Give this countries cold dark history a warm embrace, look it in the face!
All this killing, death, distruction, and disease...more war than peace!
Something most of us will never see, much less feel...Because ignoring it is so much easier.
We'd rather be pleasing ourselves than siezing the keys to this country!

Jump in.
Take a sunday drive for freedom.
Sunday football keeps you occupied...
Kicked back in the recliner, while others freeze in the name of the flag.
And your constitution.
And the human condition.
Patriotism is not pretty to the petty.
To...those getting rich, hand over fist...
On your...vacant homes, vacant jobs, and vacant votes.
While they vacate our education with more lousy legislation.

We get lazier and sleezier and sloppier.
We pass judgement on our fellow man...
While we let politicians pass bills that destroy this great land.
Hand over fist, hand over hand washes the other politicians ****.
These dinosaurs with their special interest agendas make me sick.

Stand up strait.
Look at me when I talk to you.

Dont turn a blind eye to all the bodies that once hung from loops...
Remember where we came from.
Re-write history like the bible.
Re-write war and peace.

We call soldiers "property of uncle sam".
Brainwashed to believe in 'the man' and his plans.
Slavery doesn't segregate anymore.
We're all in on this together.
This time.
We stand in unison.
All in on this together.
Revolution is freedom.
"I love this country...but f this government!"
Matt Jursin Jan 2010
The sky is falling...
Raining heavy rhapsodies of rukus and destruction...


Scrub structured stains.
Dump waste down dialated drains.
Repeat regularly.

Such sarcastic symbolism.
Such ******' frustration.

Got nuthin' left to gain.
Out of time, again.
Such wasted wanting...
Such resentment.
Can you feel my pain?
Dec 2009 · 552
Open up, say "Mind."
Matt Jursin Dec 2009
Once one opens their mind...

So many endless ideas encircle and fly.
These thoughts are vultures in the sky...
Pure lust for poetry and prose...
landing heavy on the nose...
picking on the bones...
of the dead...
'til they're dry...

I dont even have to try.

From the start its been a cartoon.
This...heart's been grazed by afew harpoons.
"Im bleeding" hung in quotations.
These ******' words flow so fluently from my foundation.
Reciting these writings that fall from my rib cage...
Almost 40 and still dont know how to act my age.

Frontal lobe speaks animation to the rest of my brain...
Secret whispers to myself.

Open up, say "Mind"...

My many meanings become less tranquil with time.
Times forgotten fortitude forged these strait lines.
This steel structure sunk securely in solid sediment...
This blood blotted into letters is all I represent.

This head of mine, this mind...stays deep in the mines.
Badly broken and bent on this dangerous descent.
Dec 2009 · 2.1k
When We Get Tangled
Matt Jursin Dec 2009
It's fun...
Like f'n with the lights on.

So I can see every inch...
Of your body...
Wincing with pleasure unmeasurable.

That **** so ****...
Like the way you look at me...
Undressin' me mentally.

I can read your naughty mind girl...
That's why I spank your behind girl...
That's why I make your toes curl...
When our bodies unite and become a blur.
EFF censorship!
Dec 2009 · 1.6k
Matt Jursin Dec 2009
Trapped inside my own head.
My own heart.

You cant imagine the pain I hold.
The lonely-ness.
The empty-ness.
My soul is molding.

Decaying in the summer sun.
Washing swiftly down the drain.

Delaying damage that's already done.
Drowning in a flood of summer rain.
Dec 2009 · 1.1k
All In My Head
Matt Jursin Dec 2009

Things are almost never as bad as we make them in our own mind.
Our own intellect is a real pain in the *** sometimes.

You get what you give.
Keep Givin'...
No matter what you get back.

You'll get what you're given...
Jus' keep livin'...
'Cause this lifetime goes fast.
Dec 2009 · 865
Full Moon Monsters
Matt Jursin Dec 2009
Time ticks on, stealing the moonlight...
But the delinquentcy is of no surprise...

To the miserly and old.
Those bannished to the cold...
And ****** to the flame...
Have earned their name...
As the keepers of time in the great hall of fame.

These creatures are kind and really quite tame...
They worship the water...
And all that's embodied in the belly of truth.


The keepers of the night...
When the moon rises whole and shines its bright light.
Matt Jursin Dec 2009
Dont be so stuck-up, i'm just bein' nice.
Jus tryin' to have an intelligent conversation...
Maybe I'm fairly flirtatious, but...
Im bein' polite.
Not tryin to take you home tonight.
Unless you give me the green light, then maybe I might...

C'mon, I'm just playin...

I could make you blush in a few minutes time.

Could get you naked in a few moments...

Dont tell me you dont like it...
I know when I hear lies.
Dont call me if you dont lick it...
'Cause I know what I like.

If you don wanna practice makin babies...
**** it.
I'll just **** it 'til I dribble.
That one's for you ladies;-p

I can paint a clear mental picture...
A perverted portrait with my paintbrush...
Of your hot, soft, wet flesh before me...

I could show you a few things.

A perverted portrait...

A perverted picture.
Your body wincing...
Pinching me.
Every inch of me.
A few more than 3 or 4...
You'll find...
A couple more...


Yah well...I'm a Scorpio;-)
Dec 2009 · 1.0k
Poorly Planned
Matt Jursin Dec 2009
What, you think this earth belongs to you?
Dont act like your **** dont stink. ***-eww.
We sabotaged and stole this land...
Poorly planned.
Tried hard to **** off all the native peeps.
Became the kind of company that misery keeps.
**** of the earth.
We dont need a world-wide police.
Need this new-world-order like we need a new disease.
Watch out, keep eyes peeled.
Catch you slippin, might take away the rest of the freedoms you feel.
Trade MY Rights for YOUR lies?
C'mon, get real, no deal.
Masonic traditions so ritualistic.
Right in front of our eyes!
So sadistic.
No such thing as ugly beauty inside.
No morality.
No empathy.
No unity for human kind.
All pride.
All pompous politicians peddling for bribes.

Question everything.
Humans lie and decieve and try to change your beliefs...
For selfish reasons that you may or may not see or believe...
Dec 2009 · 1.0k
All I do is make disasters
Matt Jursin Dec 2009
Everything that endlessly entangles my mind.
All things.
The soothing voice of victory divine.
These words of love, hate, and indifference...
The twisted kind.
The only love i can find.
Either way, nothing matters.
All i do is make disasters.

Redefining refined.
Silent semesters of sarcasm.
Mental spasms.
Pure poetry flowing thru me.
I'll never regret it...
The feeling...
When you're giving like there's nothing else to live for.
A lust for love and life...
A life of love and lust.

This place where love is born...
And hearts are never torn by human hands.
Only human minds.
Dec 2009 · 1.1k
Matt Jursin Dec 2009
On the beach with a bottle when the sun turns to wine...
Together on a towel holding the 'one' soul devine...
A thought from the past, a memory at last...
Would I do it again? Yes. But not so fast...

Every cloud is not a storm.
Live in the Present.
Nothing is impossible.
All great quotes, but none really ease the pain of the past.
Wonder, Regret...sometimes feels like death atlast.
My task incomplete, wandering lost in the street-of sadness=(
The Baddest.
But most of all, I trip and fall...
When I remember that you gave up.
Gave in.
Gave out.
Gave away...
Something often searched for and barely ever found.
I'm bound...
To the words I spoke and the buttons I poked, trying to sting my way out of this impossible history of thoughts...

It's still a mystery.
It never stops.
The misery...
Of not knowing.
Not loving.
Not growing.
My mind is overflowing with many things...
Many dreams.
Yet i see...your torn seams yielded an evil being.

And in the end, i realize...
Everything i thought you were must have been pretend.
Some of my earlier work...
Nov 2009 · 778
Matt Jursin Nov 2009
Give me love girl.
I want it.
I need it.
I live and breathe it.
I bleed it.

Give me your love girl.
I'll give it back ten times over.
I'll carry it in my heart forever.
I'll hold on tight and not let go.
I'll be the man you've been waitin for...

Give me your love girl.
Your heart.
Your soul.
Your affection and attention...
I'll give you the world and my best intentions.
Nov 2009 · 758
Run Fast Girl
Matt Jursin Nov 2009
Run fast.
Im chasin.
Gettin close.
To catchin you.
To lovin you.
Always so far.
In front of me.
Run fast.
Im running faster.
Close to love.
Far from disaster.
Nov 2009 · 551
Into Hell
Matt Jursin Nov 2009
I never had to prove my blues.
You always knew.
You always knew.
You were the few.

You were more than just a few nights and a few fights.
You knew me. Well.
You threw me. Into hell.

I burn.
I dwell.
I dream about your smell.
Your taste.
Your touch.
It's never enough.
It's always too much.
And I cant take it.
Im not that tough.
Nov 2009 · 1.2k
Setting Sun
Matt Jursin Nov 2009
The setting sun is a lonely one...
Burning thru the sky til his work is done...
No friends, no love, no Love, no fun...
Has his water in the ocean, but no air in his lungs.

This is a day of bright sun rays.
But this will soon change as the light decays.

After the meridian divides the day...
And the moon precipitates nocturnal rays...
When sparkling stars come out to play...
From greater galaxies far away...

This is the hour of lucid lineage.
But soon enough the sun will rise.
Nov 2009 · 704
Always one
Matt Jursin Nov 2009
The sound of tears falling thru the air...
The heart-ache of heart-break and having no one there...

Heavy sediment lies deep...
My sentiment sometimes tortures me...

And the waves still crash, falling from my eyes...
And the moon still rises, affecting the tide...

Always one.
Always mine.
Nov 2009 · 18.0k
Matt Jursin Nov 2009
Backed in.
Upside-down yet right-side-up.
My "Days Off" are never enough.
Backed in. Feelin rough.
Being alone in my quiet place is often tough.

My mind wanders, getting lost.
Missin out on bein about.
Locked up on a cold, cloudy, winter day.
No doubt.
No trust, no love, nothing to clutch...
I hold my blanket and pout.
No friends wander in and out.

Undoubtedly this pen holds no cure for a broken spirit and a broken heart.
I guess this just falls under "Vague Art".
But it's a new an old art.
I should've known this'd be harder than being a martyr.

Underestimating the already underestimated.
It's my time to shine.
Mesmerized by the bright light.
I try not to fight it...this paper, My Shrine.
Im an ugly person with a handsome mind, intertwined with the devine.
My life, MY throw, MY time.
It's never this easy to draw strait lines...-----------------------
Nov 2009 · 1.1k
Desert Oasis
Matt Jursin Nov 2009
Open arms with empty change.
Im stagnant, feeling mangy.
Crawling along to the oasis.
Dieing in the desert.
If i could only slide uphill...
Im a long way from home.
But im still rollin.
Nov 2009 · 2.7k
How 'bout it?
Matt Jursin Nov 2009
Howbout emptyness.
Howbout sorrow.
Howbout not 'living' to see tomorrow.
Howbout it?

A round of applause for a lost cause.
For All that **** stuck under my shoe!
All the **** I stumble thru!
All the 'its' pronounced post 'Shhh'!

Those are the screams of my inner being.
Clawing it's way out from the depths of hell.
I know. You cant tell.
It's better that noone really knows me.

It's a lot easier.
Trust me.

— The End —