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May 2021 · 22
mascatics May 2021
If I could turn back time,
I'll go back to that March evening.
When you have started to bid me goodbye,
I should have hugged you.
I should have let you feel my warmth.
I should have shared that coffee with you
When you asked me where I'll go.
I should have looked into your eyes deeper.
I might even see it clearer.
That you are not that into me.
Now this heart 'twill gonna be clever.
I should have asked you from the start.
What are these late-night dinners for?
What are these messages you keep sending me?
Oh, girl. You were just daydreaming.
God, please let him vanish in my thoughts.
I need an eraser.
Oct 2019 · 54
mascatics Oct 2019
The glistening blue blanket cradling moves
Brings the sky and the white clouds close.
The world is flat like glass
And the vastness of the sea won't even be measured up to its last.

And if I would sink to its bottom,
The waves will dance me to this beauty I can't fathom.
Now it is holding me still, bringing me closer
The waves grant me memories I will always remember.
Jun 2019 · 63
Ombre Sky
mascatics Jun 2019
Lushing out my way to try
And then my eyes meet the sky
The sun just set
Creating a canvass of purple and red
Above is getting darker
While city lights begin to blunder
Birds are heading home
Old and young begins to sing a song
Of endless hope
For a brighter tomorrow.
Feb 2019 · 114
Unsaid Scribbles
mascatics Feb 2019
I keep on seeking
Within my thoughts,
Within my soul,
Within my heart,
For that word to write
To keep this feeing lighter.

I don't understand a lot,
And tears just reminds me,
I have feelings to express and yell,
That I have longings I dream to feel,
And I keep looking within me
The scribbles to make words
The words to help me spill this heavy load out.

My mind keeps on spilling
These words and ideas
Expressing my inner thoughts
Letting the world hear me out
My life is in scribbles and I hope
Someday I can write a happier note.
Aug 2018 · 87
mascatics Aug 2018
And here I stand, waiting
For the next push, next move
Onto the abyss of my next thoughts
I may gasp for air, seek for the light
I'll make it sure to keep on hold
On Your hands I give it all.
Feb 2018 · 128
Picking Time
mascatics Feb 2018
Picking time is fine
Ticking like fishes' fins
Frolicking, wiggling
Whispering gritting wit.

First sit, it lingers
Sighing high, it quivers
Spilling guilt, it figures
Riding it sick, hits sinners.

Time chimes, brings kicking stirs
Filling 'lil strips in sinister
Ticking 'til lips hints limbs
Skin shivers, lifting fists.

Risk this click, slick tick
Find lines, hide lies
Times strikes right 'til night
Sit still, it ditches 'til it's bright.
Jan 2018 · 193
Time Line
mascatics Jan 2018
Picking this time is fine
It ticks like fishes' fins
Prickling, sinking, wiggling
With wits will whisper.

First sit it lingers
Sighing high, it quivers
Spilling guilt, it figures
Riding it sick, hits sinners.

Life chimes with kicking stirs
Filling 'lil strips in sinisters
Singing 'til lips hints limbs
Skin will shiver, lifting fists.

Risk this click, lick, tick
Find lines, hide lies
Time strikes right 'til night
Sit still, sniff it 'til it's bright.
Jan 2018 · 555
The Pavement of Feelings
mascatics Jan 2018
I wonder what awaits me
If I'll take this pavement instead of the other one.
The lamp posts are brightly shining on this side
And fireflies begin to lit the darker end of it.
And I am now taking steps on this pavement with doubt,
With my feet, left and right.
I am now across this lamp post and I looked up
To notice it is brighter for me than the stars.
And I am now taking steps on this pavement with confidence,
With my feet, left and right.
And at the middle I can see someone
Walking towards me.
As our gazes meet, I notice him smiling at me.
I said "Hi!", and he said "Hello!".
And that bit of a moment makes my heart skip a beat.
And now, I am walking on this pavement with an endless smile.
Jan 2018 · 110
New Beginning
mascatics Jan 2018
Yes, the past may not be that pretty
With me crowned with all the glory.
Yes, I may have failed to pursue a lot
And prove to everyone that I am worthy enough.

I may have written the wrong words;
I may have danced the wrong moves.
But here I am standing for a new journey.
Here I am dreaming, believing I could reach the glorious ending myself.

Here is another mark of a new beginning.
My future choices may not be that wise,
My renewed strength may even falter,
But I am always open to renew myself for a new beginning.

God bless me.
Jan 2018 · 102
2nd Day
mascatics Jan 2018
Starting afresh on this year
Thoughts of positive changes lingers
I'll be better, I'll be smarter, I'll be thinner
But every waking moment is a chance to make oneself a better version
No need to wait for another New Year
Dream, Move, and witness dream realizations.
Dec 2017 · 99
mascatics Dec 2017
The saviour was sent
And we are all saved.
No sinners, no righteous is excluded.

This is a season to be merry,
To be thankful, and to be generous.
Our hearts leap for each love shared.
Dec 2017 · 98
Listen Within
mascatics Dec 2017
Listen within yourself for a while.
Keep yourself from the outer noise away.

to that heart beat,
to your breath.

For a while...
please listen to yourself,
hear what you are yearning of.

And there is this inner desire,
the reason for your existence.

Keep listening to it...
your heartbeat, your breath.
And you'll find your place.
Dec 2017 · 91
Life Maze
mascatics Dec 2017
Life is a game of mazes and bumps.
You'll turn to any direction and find which way to go.
Trust your instinct and "self" map.
You'll find your way to the exit.
Dec 2017 · 199
See You Again
mascatics Dec 2017
I told you I'll miss you
As we are starting to bid goodbyes.
You said we have not planned to meet each other at the start.
That fate just bring us together.
That's why I should worry not
Of never seeing you again.
Because if the turn of fate will allow it
We will share those smiles with no end.
Dec 2017 · 98
mascatics Dec 2017
Golden yellow rays flood my gaze;
They hit the canopies creating a tapestry of shades;
A glimpse at my side suggests that there's life;
A concluding mark just done by the mighty Knight.

Groups of birds begin to head home;
The skies project a cascade of unspeakable beauty;
The clouds are like cotton candies starting to melt;
The horizon looks like a painter just created wondrous combinations.

The scene is majestic and feels glorifying;
If only I could feel how the trees laugh as the last light leaves them;
If only I could taste the sunsets's sweet gaze;
I could close my eyes and a second will pass...
and it went dark.

— The End —