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Marlana Marry Nov 2010
Knots of wood with waves, and small dark places.
Places where the mind tells you that the world is fearsome.
Lines stretching long like a life half asleep,
Saluting those who take the risks.
Upon the shelf curl wires
And paper folds
Eager for more use.
Soft notes poke from a littered mouth beside
The mightiest of weapons.
A guardian stands tall and proud,
Surveying the intricate scene
Of bordered sleep.
All of importance are placed together in a chaotic pattern
Like a storm's end
Close to the dawn.
This is where magic is made.
Where myself and my dreams create.
Marlana Marry Nov 2010
Her broad leaves yawned wide,
fluttering gently in
the cool breeze from my window.

Younger leaves timidly unfurled
beneath the protections of the
dark elders.

A mass of greens bursting forth from the rich damp earth.

So like green flame did she waver,
but unlike fire she produced no lasting embers.

Stretching forward,
upward to where the sky kisses the rain,
which falls peacefully to the earth.

And waiting patiently for the sky to clear
she sighs into the wind.
Marlana Marry Nov 2010
Between the light the darkness dances
Teasing glowing ebbs of thought
Shifting to the edges of revalations
Betraying subtle workings of morality.

Softly influencing choices made
Pursuing naught but a challenge
Taunting the light with whispers of song
The light so silent and still.

Behind the light the shadows play
Fulfilling dreams of desire
Secretly knowing the heartstrings by touch
Serving the mind's subconscious.

So when the light fails our hopes
The delicate waver blown out
All that's left was always there
The music and the dark.
Marlana Marry Nov 2010
I fade away
The world unknown
Lost in the atoms of space and mind.
Alone, everlasting
Dying, living, mind over
Matter, material possessions.
In a crowd, so alone
Wishing, wanting, hoping.
Unforgiving gods of perpetual light
Swallow the days
swaying between physical and mental
Pain so great you can taste it
Guilt so strong you can't break it
Madness so fiery, burns just to think of it.
Afraid of the bare landscape of the future
The depressing forest, leaves like tears
Falling, running down.
The night comes and brings a contentment
Marlana Marry Nov 2010
Upon the road my loyalties found
With duty calling I'm honour bound
An echoing voice with commanding sound
As nightmares scream beneath the ground
Before my eyes the hellish hound
I greet the moon on this last round
I stand upon the lonely mound
Casting my spell, the web it wound
My heart inside my chest did pound
As the vow I took did finally resound.
Marlana Marry Nov 2010
Pleasures that once delighted me fade
Curling in innocent ashes
A new burning draws me to it

Darkness won't let me go
Reaches to my past, searching
For remnants of myself

Retreat from them
Hugging the new fire, scorching pain
Let me go

Around my fire others share their light
Happy, bathing in new flames together
Relishing the heat

Deep down I long for the shadows
Reminiscing the past, I forget the future
Hold on to the present

Don't slip away

Only a flicker remains
But I clutch to it
Don't drive me away

— The End —