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Mark David Jul 9
I often pen a poem in my pensive pause
Occasionally sans any cause
Perhaps, for an outcry to bend or break the laws
Or solve life's tragic or jocular jigsaws.

Or strive to leave an indelible sign
Occasionally divine
Perhaps, endeavor to narrate a story of mine
Or letting love and unlove not to entwine.
Mark David Jun 23
Contemporary Covid-19 contours prove:

Small is brilliant. Small is safe.
Small is easy. Small is sincere.
Small is beautiful. Small is required.
Small today is tall. Small is swift.
Small is rapid to abide by social distancing.
Small is innovative, intelligent and invincible.
Small is quick to mould.
Small is smart. Small is brave.
Small is adventurous. Small is creative.

Smell the small.
Mark David Sep 2016
Sniffed to find the suspect
'No one's out there' I said
'Where's she...I know she's here'
'I will ruin both of you'

Now listen to that mortal one
Who can permit anyone to ruin my life
Because she will dwell, nestle cozy in my heart

I will ignite none, but I will put to fire my unwanted desire.

The twilight of my years will see her face on my closing crooked palm.
Mark David Mar 2016
Got stuck with so many dishes.
Cuisines, cushions, comfort as we chewed
Platter stuffed with salads
Reminisced our salad days
Table is now in choc-o-block
Trouble died in our belly [ not with just belly fillers ]
Captured the moments of styled forks and spoons
Bewildered with Greek gourmets
Then finished of in long dreams in siesta
Blurred with sleep
Woke up to our surprise; out there
Our table looked like the
Last Supper Table!
Mark David Feb 2015
Was it his story
Anywhere in history?
Or was it to make it a male dominated planet?
Travel through my eyes
And you will see her story
All the her stories to be
Hair rising, complicated
Innovative and undying
Whose story is it anyway?
Perched on the brittle twig
I saw it all before I fell
Fell in love with one such
Beautiful, indelible story
Her story
Which any how morphed to
History! Long time ago.
Mark David Dec 2014
Who said its 'red' in color?
Rightly said its 'orange' in color.
Can't get all the answers right?
In life
In light
In heights
In warmth
In comfort
In nakedness
In love
In laughter
In eternity?
Mark David Nov 2014
The confluence of divine
celestial light on the way
to Damascus.
The light was not blinding, I surmise
yet blinded the rider
So heavens can blind a man on a mission
Mission to torture
Light can do anything
It implies so silently.
Did I see the Maker in that light
or is it the darkness that he wanted
me to see?

Wandering, wondering mind
then breathlessly says: thank you 'dark'
for I saw light. The Light.
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