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Mark Sep 2011
My body still tingles
as your soft touch lingers
through the overcast damp dreary day

I love you completely
and hope that you'll treat me
with care because I'll never stray
Mark Mar 2011
The world weeps
A sad existence
Limping through raindrops
Cold and lost
Mark Apr 2010
Thoughts racing through my head
Feel like free radicals
Impulsive, raw, destructive

Comforting touches,
Yet shallow -- meant only for now
Why don't they feel the same connection?
Why dance if they don't care?
It'd be better if I hadn't gone at all.

And where are my tears?
Even when I hide from everything
They don't come
Yet they, too, are necessary.
Mark Mar 2010
Oh, birds...
You have been deceived
Just as I

Sensing summer,
You came quickly
But seasons hate such advances.

Thus bleakly,
You wait again
Now in a more worse state than before

It would have been better not to have come at all
Mark Mar 2010
Listen now! Please hear my tale...
For soon I will supply
Much detail of a vicious thing that's quick and sharp and sly

I've seen many a monster
Through land and sea and sky
But nothing quite compares to the Witchickenorctterfly

She lurks across the darkened hills
From windows does she spy
The flowers all grow cold and still under her evil eye

Her nose is long and crooked
Her face twisted and dry
Even dragons flee from the Witchickenorctterfly

Upon her back are two great wings
She lifts them with a sigh
And flies clucking into the air -- she circles wide and high

All children know the sound she makes
Her wretched croaking cry
It echoes 'cross the continents, from New York to Shanghai

Atop her head lie scary things
Two blackened antennae
She senses fear since she is the Witchickenorctterfly
Mark Mar 2010
Cornell’s chimes ring loud and clear
Echoing with earnest might
Far below there’s cause to fear
For it’s Halloween tonight

Students decorate their dorms
Pumpkins yellow, candles bright
They go from place to place in swarms
For it’s Halloween tonight

Costumes of the strangest threads
Beasts and witches, ghosts of white
No one cares in what you tread
For it’s Halloween tonight

Bags of candy, tightly grasping
Something moves just to the right
There with friends, white-faced and gasping
Every human filled with fright

Houses, blasting music, shouting
Do these cold comrades invite
Escape is what they’re ever touting
From the dark and looming night

Back at home, others are sleeping
Not worried by the lack of light
They know that dawn will end the creeping
Which somehow makes the shrieks all right

Looming there, upon the hill
Keeping watch from greatest height
Cornell’s chimes grow deathly still
On this Halloween’s one night

— The End —