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Marina Salamanca May 2018
Where do I begin?
Being stuck in a place
Where unwelcomed thought consumed my skin
A place where the heaviness of my world
Never seemed to end
I was there
Struggling with thoughts
Troubled thoughts
Aggressive thoughts
I was lost
With no help around

But now... I'm here
Living life with no fear
Marina Salamanca Dec 2015
There you were holding my hand
Buying me flowers
Kissing my lips
Hugging me with gentle strength
Loving my awful being
There you were standing by me
Fighting for me
Moving mountains for me
Sweeping me off my feet
Loving my stubborn mind
There you were pulling me apart
Destroying who I am
Breaking my heart
Taking away my life
Loving every moment of it
There I was putting myself back together
Rebuilding what you tore down
Establishing hope
Reviving what died
Loving myself without you
There I was restored from your attack
Healed from all the pain
At peace with my thoughts and feelings
Completely happy with my life
Surrounded by love
There I was... standing
Marina Salamanca May 2015
I've always loved you
From the moment I met you
I've loved you
The very moment where we exchanged hellos
From the moment we hugged goodbye
I've always loved you
You are amazing in ways I, myself, can't explain
You are wonderful
Your soul just full of wisdom
Your mind so full of positive thoughts
I've always loved you for that
You are not afraid to show your passions
Never the less your weakest points
I've loved you since then
But one thing for sure my darling
You will always have a special place in my heart
I've loved you then
I love you now
I'll love you always
Marina Salamanca Mar 2015
I'm in love with the softness of my heart
The way he just thumps with peace
The way he speaks
The way he says "everything is Okay"

I'm in love with my heart
The way he motivates me to continue
The way he pushes me to better things
The way he supports my decisions

I'm in love with my gentle heart
The way he comforts me when I'm messed up
The way he's with me when I feel alone
The way he stays with me when everyone leaves
The way he's there for me

I'm in love with the softness
The gentleness
The peacefulness
Of my heart
Of my very own heart
Marina Salamanca Aug 2014
So here's the thing
I like you
I really do
Want to know why?
Well than, brace yourself
You give me the butterflies
I feel them when you're not around
You make my heart pound
I hear it all the time
You make me so nervous
I feel it rise to my throat
See darling, you make me feel something amazing
You make me feel alive
Something I haven't felt in a while
You make me feel at peace
Something I would love to share with you
You make me feel awkward and normal at the same time
Something I've never felt before
But honestly, I love it
I'm in love with this feeling and I hope it never goes away
I'm in love with this wonderful vibe
I'm in love with everything you do and the way you speak
I'm in love with the person you are and the way you think
I think I'm in love with you
I know I'm in love with you
I'm in love with you
I love you
Marina Salamanca Aug 2014
Never have I felt so empty
See writing is who I am
Not writing makes me incomplete
But now I'm back
Back to enjoying who I am
Discovering the meanings of my thoughts
Show everyone what makes me
Reconnecting with the love of my life
I've missed this
Just writing
Expressing my heart
Putting myself into words
I love this
I'm complete now
Cause I'm back
And I'm not going anywhere
Marina Salamanca Feb 2014
But I want to thank you
Thank you for showing me the worst side of love
Thank you for making me feel pain and hurt
Thank you for leaving me alone
Thank you for opening my eyes
To help me see the real people that stand by me
Who are there for me
Who help me overcome the overwhelming feeling of wanting to die
Thank you for being a ****
Thank for leaving my side
Thank you for pushing me to do better
To stand back up on my feet and dust off the dirt
Thank you for cheating and lying
For teaching me how to trust my loved ones
See everyone saw right through you and I didnt listen
But now I see the truth so I thank you
Your colors mean nothing to me
So you are dismissed from my life
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