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mari Sep 2018
thank you for not loving me.
it made me burn myself and
learn that trees can live when

fire has hollowed them out and that
forests regrow after the flames come.
and that sometimes, destruction can

be a darling lover, bringing beauty
back to the forest floor, dappled light
on ferns, and trees reaching to the sky -

thank you for not loving me. it made
me reach my arms up, to see if i
can go anywhere near as high.
mari Sep 2018
i will write you
a love letter,

i  will write you
a breakup text.

i will carve our initials
into the redwood trees

i will burn the forests
to hide your name.

i will paint my body
in your colours and hues;

i will slip away
as you sleep.
mari Sep 2018
you caught me with poems
on my lips like honey

with your hands on my hips
with my hands in your hair

you’re the sweetest thing i’ve tasted
and my favourite thing i’ve lost.
mari Sep 2018
all my friends are flightless,
all my friends are fair-weather.

they can only stay
one season at a time.

they disappear with spring rains
and fall’s abundant colours.

all my friends are broken-hearted,
searching for something in mine.

all my friends live six feet under,
singing their songs from underground.

all my friends are broken-winged thunderbirds,
all my of friends were never found.
mari Sep 2018
i tend to forget that
things will take some time
cycles around the sun
do not happen quickly

yes, the moon may change tides but
she moves slow and deliberately
and i know they say that
rome was not built in one day

but my heart has been
sitting open for so **** long
and i know that it will
someday lead you home

and if not today, well,
we have so much time
i know that you will be
here someday.
mari Sep 2018
i am so tired,
i am so grand.

i am so broken,
on earth and on land.

i am so empty,
i am so full.

i am overflowing,
against the ocean’s pull.

i am so fragile,
i am so free.

i am everything
i thought i could be.
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