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Too much that pains
But so little to feel
Too much that hurts
But so little to heal

But nothing at all

Thats my numb feeling
Tears that hurt
Pain swells
Brust forth
Exploding through
Streaming down

Tears that heal
Let it out
Let it go
Let them free
Let them mend

Tears are destroying
Cant breath
Cant see
Too deep

Tears are helping
I am alive
I am free
Its okay for you to cry
A long night awaits
For an unforgettable dream
She cries herself to sleep
As the bad dreams creep
Inside that rattling head of hers.

The walls isolate her
Keeping them close
Suffocating the air
Bleeding hands try
Try to tear
Try to break
Try to bend
Try to
Try to
But no
No use.
i've been so uninspired lately
Oh, darling
Dont let them come
Your joy
Your spirit
Dont let them

Dont listen to their words
Dont ever try
Their all lies
Because they'll never understand
What you feel inside

Dont remember what they say
Thats their way
Of getting to you
Force the echoes out
Plug your ears
Get as far away

Dont believe them
Forget it
Just believe in you
(thats important)
Your work
Your heart
Your mind

They think its for your good
Their criticism
Their concerns
Dont listen
Dont remember
Dont believe
Because their words my actually
Turn you
Please, dont let them.
Dont let people tell you what you can or can't do. Believe in yourself (try it sometime).
As if my day was spent,
Spent in the ocean, sea, or river
Angry and confusing,
Next was losing,
To steady swaying of bipolar waters.
I long to go to the ocean, sea, or river
Banging on my door.
Knocking on my window.
Oh, wind.
Just go away.

But sometimes,
I would like you stay.
Maybe till summer's day.
Because of the typhoon there's been strong winds... I wish we had winds like that in summer...
Who am I to judge,
When I die, 
Whether I'm young or old,
When my soul goes up to heaven,
I hope the things I did will be remembered. 

Although it's only been fifteen years,
As if it's been a thousand, 
Because a lot of things have happened,
Though I can't remember all of it,
I live contented.
Its that dash that matters.
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