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Dominique Espiritu
Manila    I aspire to write poems that long to dance off my paper.
did i ever matter?    (g;)
Things because shy because fail human being because perfectly imperfect
Vas Bismark
Philippines    When the world falls silent and goes to slumber, everything is still, unmoving in silence. Emotions and thoughts are as clear as the surface of ...
a girl lost in a sea of wandering souls
Krisa Alcoriza
MNL PH    I like potatoes.
I express my unexpressed thoughts and feelings into words and poetry. @elizasjournalx on twitter.
Marge Redelicia
Manila, Philippines    Makata|Artista|Aktibista|Malaya
Jose Remillan
Makati City, Philippines    Life is a poetry. Begin writing your piece, and be remembered by the rest of humanity. *** "We don't read and write poetry because it's ...
Patricia Arches
Marlo Cabrera
Philippines    Welcome to the tale of my mere existence.
Aya Baker
Singapore    Mediocre at best.
J Drake
Georgia, USA Skype: awakenedimagination Email:
Wynterz Phyer
Makeshift Chemistry   
Become less. Soli Deo Gloria.
Sadie K
Wisconsin, US    "A soul is something we have Every now and then. Nobody has one all the time or forever." — Wislawa Szymborska
Sofia Paderes
The Philippine Islands    Welcome to where I spill my heart.
Lorraine day
20/Neither/Neverland    What would you like to know? What would you like to see? How can I be an open book for you so that you can ...

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