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Marcus Logan Nov 2013
Baptized in death incarnate, shown the worlds reality at a age of inspiration, with dreams dance upon the wings of butterflies in fields of daisy's, ******* the nectar of life, to sustain the biological imperative, that everything is connected beyond life and death.

Merge pen and ink, upon the fallen trees, show the world, the vulnerabilities of a soul lost in the shadows, were light fights the darkness to escape to another day, beyond the pages you write, beyond internal dialogue of devils and angels upon your shoulders.

Shower your soul, in the tears of angels, who have lost their wings and laid to rest upon the battleground, the lives of men, to stain sacred ground with life sustenance, every breath a battle you must tell now, so they are remembered in the pages of history

Purify this ground, with the ink within your veins, poet, rise from the ashes of reality, sprinkle the air with stardust, of fallen souls, in languid waves of desperation to live again, beyond the tragedy of death you've witnessed, here today. entitle, designate and cleanse this world a new, so every heart may know, deep within the recess of darkness within your eyes, incandescent flames burn the birth of a poet
Marcus Logan Nov 2013
Every question pontificated upon deaf ears, ear marked in outer space drifting aimlessly to distant stars, where shadows reign in open hearts that betray our silence in milliseconds

Basic recourse, every letter of every word inscribed in memories of dreams of some joey loves dawson fantasy. the unrequited notation that every syllable betrays my own self-confidence, my duality of existence to live but not to have lived

and so it goes that every question comes with hours upon days of internal self dialogue, over analysis of every gesture, every word, hidden meanings and double speak, that I have to find such betrayal in something as little as a Solemn smile, but the question remains what does it all mean?

Short of action, long of thought, mindless wandering of distant dreams, that one day I may find, Answers, to every question that such expanded diatribes may ease the pain, and mend the wounds, so that my own existentialist facade may crack and wither to dust in the sands of time, to once and for all I may just be another speck of sand wandering aimlessly between the stars, in a shadowless beauty that is my misery, so that every question comes to conclusion with easy, understandable answers
Marcus Logan Nov 2013
I stood there in darkness,
smoke rising from another lit cigarette
bellowing out from tarnished lungs
stain with tar, from this habit
but it could not lower my tension
as the moments descended down
til white lights enveloped me
in a deserted parking lot upon the waterfront
memories flooded back, only months ago
I thought were locked away within
scrambling thoughts and words to say
but all I can hear is my heart beating
within my chest, pounding upon the walls
to escape, to be free from another round of torment
but like ice cream in the sun, I melted
the moment those emerald eyes met mine
lost within them, the world disappeared
just me and her once again
"I am truly sorry" she says
like a ring side bell ringing a knockout
I felt my knees go weak, the ground beneath me quaked
off put and disoriented, reeling from a 1-2 blow to the head
as tears streamed down her face, craving canyons into my mona lisa
speechless she left me.
Marcus Logan Dec 2012
Cold dark eyes
as pure as the driven snow
swallowed in illusion

"Don't go" She screams
fighting against a world
she doesn't understand

On hands and knees
she gazes upon me
begging me to stay

Cold dark eyes
as pure as the driven snow
tied to this illusion she creates

an indifferent world
where sorrow and misery quantify
what love has betrayed in silence

tears she cries
small as raindrops, as deep as the ocean
but as empty as the void within her heart

Desperation in her eyes
to unravel the mystery, tangled in me
beneath the illusion, she cries, silently, all alone
Marcus Logan Mar 2012
this existence is worthless
the hollow shell of happiness
that i paint upon my face

a facade to the world
so they won't invade
and beat me down

with cheery words
and fake smiles
to numb my pain
Marcus Logan Mar 2012
you never loved me, but the idea of me
i didn't leave without saying goodbye, i gave fair warning
so you wouldn't be scared or lonely
i've always been here,but you didn't need me

you still only love the idea of me
Marcus Logan Mar 2012
The words we once spoke and what they meant
though if only we knew what smiles betray
and what our hearts would reveal in time
when love was all that remained

heard in the silence of our eyes
when our gaze no longer lingered
but swept to the heavens above
for the angels to weep once again
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