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Mande Thul Jul 2015
Pale butter, creamy yellow
Dreamy spread of delight
Coat my taste buds in
A comfort so smooth as a frayed
Cotton-combed, sleep shirt
All right for sneaking rye bread
In the night
Live and let butter be a balm for the soul.
Mande Thul Jul 2015
Extinguishes your fear
Understands the choice
Troubling ways, reflecting trauma
Healing sleep, in too deep
Angel free, watching me
Never to fear again
Agonizing choice
Sweet Heaven's estate
In strong faith
A**waiting our fate
Letting go of my troubled, rescue dog to protect him.
Mande Thul Jul 2015
All Your pain
Couldn't drain
Faith and trust
in One True God
as He was for our
Sins slain
Written for the Blessed ****** Mary, Mother for All  
Possibly title for this, either
Mande Thul Jul 2015
Mary, Mother for All
Holy woman Enlightened
Blessed One birthing Our Lord
Delivering the babe Jesus into this plane
Only made Your faith strong, steadfast
to Our Godhead
Mercy and Grace
Trinity **secure
for the Blessed ****** Mother
Mande Thul Jul 2015
Amphibian cuddles
holding on tight with all it's mite
'Love you, Mama' expressed
in frog licks and chirps bird-like
for crickets which are a frog's lively brunch
I am an amphibian enthusiast.  Aquatic frogs, fire-bellied newts, and tree frogs share my home.  I may add more to this poem as I feel it's unfinished.  I am new to writing poetry, so we'll see.
Mande Thul Jul 2015
Formal letters of days long since past
form of communication forgotten
Rotten in a hopeless chest
Laid to rest
Mande Thul Jul 2015
Purple-green Bug smug like a pug in a jug
flowing, glowing in lightening paths
Cutting iridescent swaths swirling in delight and show
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