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  Sep 2015 Mahadin
Natalia mushara
Why do men turn babye?
And babye turn boyes?
It better for a women
To use toyes.
Mahadin Aug 2015
Your sweet words melt a comet into a rose valley,
Where I feel to garden and breathe your fragrance.
Your rose buds often play with my fingers,
I feel to touch you and thorn bleeds my heart.
Your husky voice harmonies orchestra in my ears.
I flow into your heart , it is the same blood I used to pump in.
I feel to float in your veins, reach brain everywhere inside out,
So when you are diagnosed, it is me you are infected with.
I feel to blank your memory and reinstall me.
I will connect to your soul and chase it into my heart.
I will make every star name after you and reform the universe,
I will deep so much love inside you , it will take thousand years to make me out.
Mahadin Jul 2015
Every night in rem sleep my neuron signals ,
And brain waves to her heart,
And electrodes carry us to a moonlit secret forest.
A forest that echoes love to get more intimate.
The silver beam melting my Iove to her rose bud lips,
The stars are falling down closet to earth,
The trees alone were exquisite,
They tangled to divine.
I walk with my mid night fairy ,my lost soulmate ,
I dive in her eyes and treasure my endless passion .
She Whisper with a warm breathe saying my Love, I breath in ,
And my heart keeps beating with her eternal love
I feel to canvas her with all sheds, and live in ,
Coz I am the God's lonely man .....
Mahadin Jul 2015
Blazing  up the ramp ,Walk into milky way .
All Stars flashing for shutterbugs .
Rubies sparking milky way waiting for your glamour to step in ,
And You dropped dead gorgeous ,
Light it up to the beat ,
Fire on bodies, fire on soul ,
Burning fire in every heart ,
Rhythm of  intoxication ,
Your radiation spreading out ,  
Love  bleeding in comic UV rays..
Heart dropping , no body cares ,
A new  species rising ...'Spices Love'

Calling ,come to alive,
Feel the rhythm in the star
Its raining in style,
Move by my side,
As the music is soaring,
Dancing all night....
Mahadin Jul 2015
A Cosmic Vibe, silence in the outer realm,
My open galaxy waiting for your star to enter.
Watching in the horizon where earth meeting universe,
Cosmic strings symphonizing love ballet.
Stars moving away so as our hearts in every light-year.
Event horizon.
Transcend time, Entwine love,
I will send my binary star to your heart
And your heart orbit, axis to my galaxy .
Love interstellar, supernova in her eyes,
A new stellar structure..
Mahadin Nov 2013
Subconscious mind making distance ,
Unconsciousness pulling her closer...
Shutting eyes connect to her soul .
a game of puzzle, in the game of passion .
Swimming in her memories,
losing her grip lost in illusion .
I am under her spell , life is feeling hell.
Fighting with demons, playing with god.
no escape got to bring my princess back,
she is stuck in the kingdom of anti-love .
A war of love begun.
Mahadin Nov 2013
Look into her eyes ,
feel to glide from sky ,
feel to **** whole universe to sustain love.
Juggling with star.
her beauty brow of Egypt.
in the middle of her love pyramid.
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