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Maegan Oct 2012
Famine for future is a bright idea,
It helps those who only earn 80c a day,
The future is brighter, cleaner and nearer,
So those who are doing it tough don't have to suffer,
In countries like Ethiopia, Tonga and Ghana,
They only get 1-2 meals a day,
Their crops get ruined by drought,
They don't even get one ripe banana,
Help build a nest, the nest of love, that's what they do,
They need help so I'm giving too.
Please sponsor me for the 40 hour famine next year(online)
Maegan Oct 2012
Your love is poison,
******* me in,
I hate you but you keep contacting me,
my life was going alright,
until you turned it upside down again,
I hate your guts,
but deep down I remember the fun we once had.
Maegan Oct 2012
There is no meaning in life,
For whenever I try to find out I only get into strife,
Life isn't an easy task,
But rather one we don't need to ask,
Life is something we need to cherish,
Have joy within, love or relish,
For we'll never know when that day will come,
When all all our breath is gone but one,
No one knows what the next day will hold,
It could be anything for the young or the old,
Life doesn't last,
It just goes too fast,
So when you're at assembly please don't fiddle,
But when you see a daffodil,
Sit there and cherish it,
For next year it may be in a pit,
Winter is coming so it won't last,
And don't bother checking the forecast,
It's going to be snowing all winter,
You are going to be inside and get one hell of a splinter,
But don't worry just go to the doctor,
And seek his advice,
about daffodil mice.
i wrote this because i was bored and felt like doing something.
the ending gets a bit random though.
Maegan Sep 2012
If I ruled the world things would be this way:
The Hunger Games would be watched every single day,
Tomorrow When The War Began would be listened to and read,
While others choose to have the figurines next to thier beds,
John Marsden and Suzanne Collins would be the best known authors,
And mothers would go out to dinner once a month with just their daughters.

I would be a rich and famous actor and a poet,
Ellie, Julia and Taylor have talent and I know it,
I just need to figure out the best way for them to show it,
Maybe in acting, writing or singing,
I have no ideas for my bell they are not ringing.

I would stop all war and poverty,
And everyone would have the same amount of property,
I would even out the money for every country,
And have all my fruit and veg hard and crunchy,
Our world would be a multi-cultural, accepting all religions,
One day I would get rid of all televisions.

Swimming would be a sport at school as well as cheerleading and diving,
But everyone would have to take lessons in surviving,
And every day my hair would be curled,
All of this would happen if I ruled the world.

written by maegan cattermull
I wrote this for a poetry competition that I never got round to entering :( oh well
Maegan Sep 2012
Nobody knows that i am alone in the world
Nobody will ever know because
Nobody cares and
Nobody thinks of anything other than themselves and
Nobody ever will because
Nobody knows that I am here and
Nobody wants me to be here.

written by mahali mogan, my friend, she is also 12 and in my class
Maegan Sep 2012
I am Katniss Everdeen.
I volunteered for my sister in The Hunger Games.
I survived, so did Peeta.
I know the Capitol hates me.
I am a rebel.
I love Peeta.
I wonder if he is alive.
I am the mockingjay, symbol of all rebels.
I killed President Coin because she killed Prim.
I live in District 12 now.
I have 2 kids.
I watch them play in the meadow, the unknown graveyard.
I am Katniss Everdeen.

written by maegan cattermull
Maegan Sep 2012
I am me, wonderful and calm.
I wonder if the world is it's own.
I hear the laughs of my peers  around me.
I want to befriend those whom i haven't already.
I am me, pure and loveing.

written by maegan cattermull
i'm 12
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