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Madilyn Brewster Jun 2015
It was the three simple words that left her mouth and conjured up emotions I tried to stop feeling

It was as if someone shot me in the Heart repeatedly  
I realized she was lost and now as cold as ice when she said that my own mother saying those three simple yet destructive words to a girl she once called daughter
Madilyn Brewster Jun 2015
Keep on sprinting towards your dreams till they become reality
Till the farthest dream in your mind plays out in front of you
Let your soul run until satisfaction has been achieved
For you could either be running away from your fears or running to change your destiny
Madilyn Brewster Jun 2015
Pain, sadness, loss, disappointment
For these words live in every mind
People justify the deplorable emotions by saying "it just how life goes"
But what if we decided what words come into our lives
No more allowing depression to suffocate your life
No more "you just aren't good, pretty, or skinny enough" for this world
Always remember you decide who and what you become
Let your actions have a positive outcome so that when you are thirty-five with four kids and a loving spouse you can give a wicked smirk to the world because you were always good enough

— The End —