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You will only fear
When its not yours
Everyone wanted him
She wanted him the most
All that matters was who he wanted
And she waited and wanted him to want her all his life
Her pain was usual
But this time it hurt her
She wrote poems when couldn't speak out
Her language were words on a white sheet
She wrote her feelings in Red
As everything she felt almost killed her
Non could relate to her poems
As she prayed non should feel the way she did
She kept waiting for him
She kept trying to find him in every next man she was with
She never found him in any of those men
She kept searching for him
Did she find him or not??  
How could she find when she itself didn't know who He is
She wanted to live a life of Death
She loved death as much she loved life
She was dead but lived alive
She had no option to live the life to reach the death she loved the most
I am never gonna think about you
I am never gonna cry for you
I am never gonna write about you
I am never gonna keep you in my dreams
I am never gonna
I am never gonna do anything for you anymore
Am just gonna Miss you Forever now
because I am never gonna give you the place back which you lost!!
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