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Maddie D May 2013
What would it be?
Besides another leftover,
One of those countless ***** socks
A cigarette ****,
the flame stomped out
by someone just as caring as you
Tossed out of a pickup
Tumbled in a ditch
Laying with the rest of the fragments
This memory
Maddie D Apr 2013
writing over and over again
like a naughty schoolboy, repeating
i will not disrespect the teacher
i will not disrespect the teacher
until the lesson is scarred into his mind and the paper

except i'm not a naughty schoolboy
i'm a brokenhearted, ignorant girl
trying to get it through my head you don't like me back.
i have no feelings for you
i have no feelings for you
i have no feelings for you
i have no feelings for you
i write.
and write.
because that's what you told me.
not ceasing until i will learn the lesson myself,
but now it's my heart being scarred
Maddie D Apr 2013
The girl
looks at the stars and moon
Wondering if they could take her away
But the moon stares stonily, not seeing
And the stars fall out of the sky

They sparkle in her hands
And mix with the teardrops
Until the moon cracks and cries too
Cries for the girl with the lonely smile

She hides the night
Under a smile
Perfect on the surface
But cracking underneath
Maddie D Mar 2013
Beneath the surface of ourselves
We mourn
Our souls wear the black
As it rains,
the black color bleeds
Tarnishing what is us, our only remainder
Our last stand in a crowd of uncertainties
The inside can only stand so much corruption,
less hardened than our outer calloused and bruised covering
Soon it's too much

A private funeral
Open casket
with unblinking eyes
Still looking for the white
to balance out the blackness inside
Maddie D Mar 2013
The curtains, always drawn
From the inside
Yours are the thickest black velvet
Yet my curtains are open
Forever, always
Made of dainty lace
I can't see inside your eyes
But you can see in mine
Maddie D Mar 2013
i found myself
Maddie D Mar 2013
Swimming through the mercury
Bribing your eyes to stay dry
Ears are ringing
The Devil, whispering
Promising things you know aren't true
But you believe him still
What else is there to believe in? Not me.
It doesn't really matter
The mercury will **** you first
But not before your soul is frozen
Forever in toxic blue

— The End —