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M S Ananya Mar 2015
As tears roll down from my eyes,
I think of everything we had together.
The warm sun on our faces and the clear blue skies,
Reminds me of us when we had a forever.

Insecurities crept up your spine,
And you lost faith in me.
I tried my best to let you know you're mine,
But what happened after, I didn't foresee.

Friendship turned to hatred,
Love turned sour.
Hearts were broken and shattered.
Alas, nothing was left in my power.

I didn't want you to leave,
Because my life lost its life without you.
I didn't want to believe,
That you would go so easily.

But I let you go.
Because your happiness is where I find solace.
Your love will someday, grow
For another girl, lucky enough to find a place
In your heart.

Till then and forever more
Will I love you, my love.
Everyday and every hour,
I'd wish you'd find what you're looking for.
M S Ananya Jan 2015
Knock me down,
Push me over.
Stump me and trample me,
Abuse and insult me.

I won't fear you
If that's what you're trying to achieve,
Because I'm bigger than that.
I'm bigger than falling for your traps.

I will rise up from the ashes,
I will learn from my wounds.
My pain will go but the scars will remind me
Of people like you in this world.

You are petty, you are a coward.
Instead of fighting head on,
You attack after dark behind my back.

You don't deserve my tears,
You don't deserve the pain and sorrow I go through
Because of you. And if I give in to it,
Then you've won the whole game.

But, I ask you to put me down,
To make me vigilant and aware
Of people like you on this planet,
Who'll do anything for revenge.

Put me down and see me rise,
Rise from the same fears and tears you gave.
Rise to become a better person,
Rise to become someone you can never hope to be,
Because the two of us are as different as
"Chalk" and cheese.
Inspired by true events.
M S Ananya Jan 2015
Every night as I woke you dimmed out,
You were a mystery I wanted to solve,
A riddle I wanted to answer.

But as I went into my slumber you slowly came out.
'Twas as though the universe was playing with me,
Taunting me to catch you,
And I vowed to find you.

I tried coming out earlier,
To see your beautiful colours spread across the horizon,
But the moon forbade me, said I'd break ancient laws by doing so.
But I broke them, for you my dear.

As I saw the last ray of your light
I snuck out of my abode to see you.
The beautiful colours I saw were mesmerising,
They drifted me into a different world,
A world in which I saw the two of us together.

But, alas, I was made in the night and you in the day,
We were meant to be apart, never to be bonded again.
I still come every evening to see you,
And everyone remembers me as the evening star, the one that got away
M S Ananya Dec 2014
As I sit on my bed,
Wishing upon a star,
All I want this Christmas
Is to see Santa Claus.

Everyone says he's round and big,
Plush and cuddly.
What if he turns out to be
Dull and thin
And grumpy and evil?

I'm ready to be up till midnight,
To leave out cookies and milk for him.
To keep a cushion at the fire place
For him to land safely.

All I want is to see him.
See him, in flesh and bones.
To catch him by the Christmas tree,
And demand my gift in front of him!

That is all I want this Christmas,
Dear Santa, to see you,
And believe that you are real!
Every child has always had the dream to see Santa Claus. So, here's revisting the sweet memories of childhood during the time of celebration!
M S Ananya Dec 2014
You're not the sweet boy I wanted,
But you aren't always the bad boy you claim to be.
You can good when you want to.
At the same time, you can be evil, very evil.

You keep staring at me with those brown eyes,
And I think they're filled with love.
But that crazed edge in them
Gives me goosebumps.

I know if we confess,
You'll love me alright.
But how long will it last,
This, I'm not sure of.

If I gave you my heart,
I know you'll break it.
If I'm also half as crazy as you are,
I'll take the risk and do it.
We all have that one relationship that was always meant to be bad. The guy was a ******* and you were newly into the feeling of "being in love". This is a girl's point of view in such a situation.
M S Ananya Dec 2014
I look at you and see that smile,
But is it sweet or sinister, I know not.
I stare at those eyes,
And they flicker from blue to red.
What should I believe, the good or the bad?

Your touch feels warm and welcoming,
But your embrace feels cold and cynical.
Your words make me want to believe you,
But that voice, it holds me back.

Your soft palms trace my face,
And yes, I do feel a pang of love somewhere.
But there always is that thing holding me back,
When I feel those cold fingers on my skin.

Are you the devil or the angel,
I honestly can't say.
You may be the angel you claim to be,
Or the devil you want to be.
But I don't know, I don't know
What you are, what you are
To me.
A dedication for a friend who wanted a poem for her upcoming story
M S Ananya Dec 2014
As I woke up on that dreadful morning,
Not knowing what fate had in store for me,
I let the wedding air envelope around me.

The bridal glow was on me,
I could feel it in my cheeks.
I could feel it in my smile,
In my walk and in my talk.

My mobile rang, and all that was lost.
A siren echoed behind and a voice spoke.
He's injured, you need to hurry
He said, and that's all I remember.

I raced down the lanes,
Tripping on sticks and stones.
I reached the hospital just in time,
To say my final goodbye.

As I reached for his hands he said,
You'll find another person, promise me that.
For my sake, don't die alone.
And saying that he left me all alone,
To live my life with one heart beat, that was supposed to be two.

And the ring on my hand felt heavier,
It felt damp with blood, his blood.
I still look at it and see his limp body
Against mine, how I reached on time,
But was too late.
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