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delilah Nov 24
He was the only god
Of her burning desire
That she’d been longing for

His eyes were like stars
Those lips were like liquor
And that body was like gold

Undeniably alluring
That made her aroused
Not wanting to resist

He gazed underneath her
And saw the reflections
Of stars bestowed upon the sky

He’d dove from waterfall
Down to her ocean
And everything seemed right
It’s been awhile since the last time I posted.
delilah Aug 13
Whenever I hear it
It's you that comes on my mind
And my heart starts to beat

Whenever I read it
Your name appears on my mind
Again, heart starts to beat

Every time I look around
It's you that I look for
Wishing you be all round

It gives me tons of butterflies
Just by having a quick glance of you
Makes me feel like I'm up in the skies

I can't explain why
I don't even know how
Because I'm a bit shy

In my mind I can't believe it's true
Without any further reasons
In my heart the reality is you
delilah Jul 6
The sky is cloudy
It’s too dark and dim
No glimpse of sunlight
Clouds are too shady

Can’t see any highlight
Just a plain view
With flat emotions
Kept in one’s heart

Sooner or later
Raindrops started to fall
All of a sudden she knows
She feels desolate

When raindrops fell
Down from the sky
An angel cried
She felt the sky’s gloominess
delilah Jul 2
Who will I choose?
The person I love?
Or the person that loves me?
delilah Jun 23
sitting in the corner
waiting for my order
all i think about is you
nobody but you

i don't know why
i can't even lie
it's you that I want
everything that I want
delilah Jun 21
My heart is aching
Why can't you see my worth, love?
Am I not enough?
delilah Jun 20
There is a butterfly
She soars high
Upon the sky

From each city
From sea to sea
She ***** her beauty

With her wings proudly
Though she's in difficulty
Her glory is her duty
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