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Lupo De Inimicus Mar 2014
there is a piece of a black trash bag
clinging to the branch of the bush
amongst the plethora of foliage
which hides me, so I may sleep undisturbed
from the cops shining their lights
informing me the railroad is private

I find so much inspiration
in this piece of a black trash bag
as it still clings to that branch
as I awoke this morning
effortlessly it resists the winds
and invites insects to inhabit its space

I find so much art
in this piece of a black trash bag
as it inspires me to create a thing
from what initially seemed as nothing
this black, reflective piece of a trash bag
brought to me by the winds of Chaos

I find so much spirit
in this piece of a black trash bag
The Ouroboros, The Yin and The Yang
the destruction of a star and the creation
of a black hole, of which feeds the other side
as another star dies, on the other side as well

so is the end
and so is the beginning

Mothers and Fathers in us all

Fire, we are breathing
Lupo De Inimicus Mar 2014
ethereal roots draped down upon me
slithered around my skull like serpents
sunk their teeth into my skin
and released a poison in my blood

my heart beats, I breathe
eyes dilate, breathing becomes *******
a wet and warm sensation
tantalizes my skin and loosens my muscles
as if I was on a ship in the midst of fog
a pirate, with no destination but here
mystery lingering everywhere
in the rocks, in the trees
in the tones I collaborate
with the gravity of I and all that is

my guitar
my lover, for the night

everyone watching
and listening
to I and her
like *******

though I did not mind
especially as Josh watched me
he would actually thank me

such a gentleman

always beaming with light

so, it was so refreshing
to hear about what he did not like
in the presence of my deep and dark tones

he thanked me
for enticing him
to greet his demons
and let them fly

it was nice to see such a gentle smile
in the presence of the black hole

he truly is
a gentle man

I wandered off to the restroom
turned on the fan
listened to the hum
and forgot why I was in
if I was out
and why I was everywhere
as I sunk to the floor
my head tilted towards the shower
hand extended out
to the mint garden on the floor
and there I was
greeting that which was all

I had missed these conversations
speaking to me of memories
of dancing with ghosts
and a grandfather within a table
sitting there in the living room,
before that wretched television

the mint leaves came alive
swirling around, like miniature galaxies
singing in tiny sighs:
miniature black holes
exposing their universe
to another
and the other
the same to theirs
and the same, same
to I

then I arose, feeling as loose
as the raging seas
and followed this feeling
to a dark shed in the backyard

therein, I found myself
in a black hole
a perfect fit
for me
waiting for me
waiting for my ship
to collapse
within its pits

I lie on the bed
my back flat
hands over my chest
head swirling around
as the Earth does
around the sun
and the hips
of an attuned woman

and there I was
ready to live again


"Yes, Son?"

"I'd like a beer."

"One's on its way."

light poured in from the back porch
and blinded me

Josh, Brian and Moses come in

Brian only for a while
as he drifts off somewhere else
maybe too light
for the heavy waters around me

he is in light, "Of Course"

Moses, says something funny

"You know, sometimes
it makes more sense
to drink your own ****
than to have a conversation."

I burst out laughing
a dark red light fills the room

"Right? 'cause at least there is water
in your ****.", I say

I look over to me left to Moses
and he says, "Exactly.
Would you like a beer?"
"Of Course."

when Moses comes back
he hands me the beer

and it is then
when I see him clear

his face, a yellow-tinged glass
demonic in shape
translucent, exposing black underneath
with red eyes
floating independently from him
as if they were a separate entity
one made its way towards me
the other, towards the door

I can only guess
it was towards her

and he smiled
and I heard the glass crack



let out a laugh,
I hoped he would

though only that cute smile
he always shows
showed its presence
just enough to not expose

the truly brilliant
and shapeless creature he is

I drink the beer

and I am sober.

the night

was over.
Lupo De Inimicus Mar 2014
four arms, two legs
supporting one head, with three eyes
wearing five serpents as ornaments
slithering around us
hissing their wisdom into our ears
as we rested atop the skin
of a tiger, desire

I could see him, in us
extending out his six limbs
two on the ground
two on her
and two on I
and we were within one mind
six, six, six
one mind, with three eyes
the third, sought to destroy
Kama, desire

to right her body
into the form which she deserved
as ashes
of which we wore on our skin

she spoke of the hunting
of skinwalkers
extending out so gracefully
towards me

we were within one mind
with three eyes
and a crescent moon
lain upon our forehead
eternal in the midst of Chaos
in the midst of evolution

for the cause of transformation

my claws extended out
as light is pulled
by a black hole
of which was her
and my lips loosened
exposing my sharp teeth

and we worshiped one another
in our destruction
becoming exposed
and feral

so I let out a yell
in the middle of the street
in front of a mother
and her children

as we were covered
in the ashes of Kama
the end
of all material existence

rest our garlands of skulls
over our necks
and said goodbye

now Shakti swims in my blood
and dances with my Soul

for I am still in
that black hole

headed out, in
to the other side

truly, Chaotically
enjoying the ride

dynamism in in me
as I live, Truly
Lupo De Inimicus Mar 2014
I would take out a bow
sharpen it like a blade
and play your body
until you've bled out

if I thought there was
any real music in you

now, all I want to do

is dance around you
like I'm playing the banjo
romping around a bush

singing a song
with no words

just la-da-daa




pluck, ****
**** and pluck some more

light you on fire
and say,


I see now why you might be blind

yet the bush was already on fire!

if only I had enough **** to put it out

but it's dry

the **** bush is so **** dry

you're on your own friend

'cause you're far too far

from the river

I could use a drink myself
Lupo De Inimicus Mar 2014
words came up from Satan's home
slithering fires, hissing in my ears
pulling on my thoughts
as if she found the instrument in me
the strings, of a baritone cello
played in a deep and dark room

six, six, six
we worshiped one another
like demons playing with fire

her thoughts
extended out
from all dimensions

my claws extended out
my sharp teeth exposed behind my loose lip
as she spoke
of skinwalkers
and we laughed
about anyone ever caring too much

we can change
oh, we can change

oh, we can howl
and they run when we growl

we can change
oh, we can change

and they shudder
as if they could shake
themselves loose
from existence
and we laugh
dripping lava from our mouths

my apologies
alcohol spirits

they make me

want to dance

they make me
feel free

don't you know

I let the spirits
of Chaos flow

it was my way

of saying, Hello
Lupo De Inimicus Dec 2013
glide the sharpened blade
of a sacrificial knife
up and down my wrists
then up to my throbbing throat

so similar this seems
remembering her fingers
glide across my skin
as we became like the Sabbatical goat

neither her nor I
were either inside or out side
we were as Baphomet
and we did float

brush strokes, of our blood
used to paint the figure we were becoming
something worthy of worship
as our nails dug into eachothers sides

Oh, I could feel her ferocity
trying to get inside of me
Oh, though she could only follow me
as I follow her-like the moon and the tides

her soft lip, whispered something to me
up against my warm throbbing neck
as her hips continued to sway like the seas
and she said something to me that put a shake in my knees,

"I love to feel your heart beating
deep within me, like a serpent's in me
now feel mine on your lips
can you feel us?
Can you feel
when our souls kiss?"

I had to hold on tighter to her
as she did to me
as we spiraled away
into certain bliss

our bodies were no more
nothing but ecstasy we became
boom, bloom, eyes like blackholes
and like nubulas, we came

and there we drifted
within what is us

I am not sure if she ever came back down
her presence now is like a winds gust

so I sit here
with this sacrificial knife

teasing my belief
in tangible life

finally, I get a smile from her
as she stands in front of the sun
an so innocently says,
"Ooh, that looks fun"

"It is,
it's better than pictures."

"Even a mirror?"

"Yes, even a mirror"

"How do you do it?"

"Just breathe, and remember."

"But, what if I bleed?"

"All the better, take a sip and remember."

"We were dead, weren't we?"

"Yes, my love, yes indeed."
Lupo De Inimicus Dec 2013
firm and strong
surrounding such fragile filaments
filled with blue blood
coursing freely
like a river
with no end
oh, what a fall
a waterfall
crimson red
when we are dead
pierce me
rip me open
tempt my core to implode
and create a black hole
and follow me
to the other side
knowing well
we will both enjoy the ride
these bones
and this blood
they are nothing more
than a portal
and the closer I get
the more I bleed
for something I love
the closer I am to whole
Chaos consumes me
and suddenly
this blood and these bones
have nothing to do with me
rip me apart
my love
take me so far down
that I am above
make me question our understanding of heights
make me question what we say is right
share this fruit from the tree of Good and Evil with me
take a bite of the fruit of the tree of Knowledge
follow me, down to Hell, my love
until we've reached what is above
devour the flames
spill your blood
and give way to something greater
than the great flood
be a God, my love
claim what is yours, waiting above
bleed, fight
let go of your structure
give in to Chaos
and simply do what is right
follow me down to Hells fire
and face the flames of your Soul
follow me down to Hells fire
so that you may become whole
I want to hear you scream
dig your claws into me and make me bleed
find me, demon
find me in my blood
find me, fallen
let me know we are One
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