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luci sunbird Apr 2021
I could be screaming loud enough
to make birds fly from the trees
and still, you would not hear me

luci sunbird Apr 2021
I hide it
like the clouds hide the moon

I hide it
so I can pretend that I'm sunshine
instead of gloom

luci sunbird Apr 2021
I meddle with this feeling,

that goes around and around

masking what lies underneath

luci sunbird Apr 2021
Sobbing, my mother turned me over to you
Ever so gently you nestled my body into your arms
Silence, I was home

luci sunbird Apr 2021
You were never my safe place

You were the dew leftover
early in the morning,
on a brisk windy mountain
slick from storm the night before
asking me to fall over the edge
in my usual clumsy way

I was fooling myself from the start
Hoping you could be that safe place for me,
but you were never meant to be

You caused turmoil
and hate to boil up

I can't seem to forgive myself
for letting you get under my skin

luci sunbird Apr 2021
One day you'll find the one
And I'll be a sitting duck
Waiting for scraps the tourist leave

I always thought you were a fling
That you weren't right for me

luci sunbird Apr 2021
Restless indeed
Never mind the sleep I need
I can't just lie here any longer
I need to get up
Move myself about
Make a change

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