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Lucas Apr 1
Roadkill brightens my eyes
the impermanence of hibernation
waking restless creatures from the deep recesses of nature
still warming to sunlight and remnants of dripping icicles
weeping for winter's end
–– rain on cloudless days

Sleepy, furry faces spring up from the ground
as dormant undergrowth does the same
peering out into worlds rebirthed

and as they scurry
foraging for the first formations of food
rumbling predatory beasts roll their way down winding interstates
callously crushing any critter crawling across

and I smile
because, no matter the season, death plays its roll rotating life
but now life fights its way back into prominence
greening the trees, painting the buds, reddening the roads
Lucas Mar 17
do swarming insects
frighten at their tick brethren
like us to vampires?
Lucas Feb 23
rectifying desires of ill-perceived intentions
because what the mind thinks it wants
is deception of pleasure
candy-coated poison
helping the vitriolic hard-pills-to-swallow go down

greens transform to intermittent reds
reflective plashes amplify a glossy atmosphere
as steamy plumes smudge colors
like the tears in my eyes
flares from passing lamplight:
an inconstant reminder bright spots of life
are just as transient and the darkest portions
losing myself between spaces separating drops on the windshield

my brain reverts to cruise-control
perhaps trapped between dreary thoughts
or weary from overexertion
hate what you are; hate what's becoming
harden your heart, grow up

there's an enveloping comfort of the dark
a cool relief from
life's limelight on total depravity
with my eyes closed, I can't see any of it
with cacophonic beats, I can't hear my thoughts
an addiction to instances untouched by time
Lucas Feb 8
Not one foresaw such ill-timed fate
as breaking waves scattered our crew
our bodies drowned by icy sheets,
The surging tempest roared
now vision blurred by tears—defeat!
the fleet imprisoned by the storm

Torrents submerged all hope in doubt
Waves and rain mix tears with blood
a soggy lot to seal our doom
our ships to sink to ocean floors
all hope far gone as any port
stranded. lost. bring in the oars.
our happy lives have now run short
Dear Poseidon! ease the suffering!
Gather us to your murky empire!

Ahoy! Ahoy!
Dark cliffs reflected
illumined by the light
who spun round in his white refuge
chasing off the hopeless night!

Perhaps the cliffs of ebony grand
hold the keys to our rescue
perhaps some beach of silky sand
will allow death to eschew
dear thoughts of formerly dry land
grant us rest and life anew

But no! sheer walls of black
did not come down to meet us
Looking up out of our grave
Yearning for verdant meadows above
And serene waves of grain
And quiet showers in warm lamplight
The oily, inky, murky bluffs
sealing fate and stealing hope
Lucas Dec 2018
A dim light held our hearts so gently
a gentle touch, an almost-embrace
care and mirth wrapped up
proffered like a cool glass of summertime lemonade
beautiful landscapes and vacation status easing tired minds
desperate friendships offering solace
and that was that
Lucas Dec 2018
Don’t you know, young one
That you can’t have both
The odyssey of sailing a raging sea
And the tranquil rest of silent waves

Don’t you know, passionate adventurer
That a hard-fought journey — the one they sing about in songs and tales
Is only because of pain endured and loss
You can't just throw the One Ring in any volcano

Don't you know, wandering genius
that eradicating a single problem
leads to more "success" than being well rounded
The names you know did one thing and one thing only
often costing them everything else

Don't you know, people-pleaser
that anyone can tell them what they want to hear
and garner applause
****** was loved by the Germans
MLK, hated by his country
yet history does not point and say
look at that fearless leader!
The one who committed genocide and freed his people from debt!

Don't you know, Byronic Hero
that your flaws define you
but do not make you a hero
It's the actions despite your flaws
It's tales of overcoming, circumnavigating the things that inhibit you

Don't you know, reader
that the words on a screen
even though you use them to fly
do not allow you to escape forever
control your descent
learn from your flight
Don't you know that your thoughts become your actions?

Don't you know, writer
that your medium is language
and like any good painter, it's about splashing color
where color needs to be
don't water down your words by speaking every time the opportunity comes a'knockin
Unfinished but I like how this is going so far
Lucas Nov 2018
Time is both my vessel and constraint
my abstract concept and physics-entangled
my ship to sail,
and the currents that impede
The lovely adventures, moments that never end
the patience for journeys to come, the rest needed to recover

nanoseconds change the course of a falcons claws
a delicate balance of erratic prey and calculated talons
each heartbeat lasting lifetimes, because this –– this, is the moment
the finite rebellion of life
evolution has played its cards
Time to play mine

The mid-life crisis of a gentleman in mid-life
as man marvels at mysteries familiar
unaware of tears and laughter that await
because plans change and hopes dangle
as hopes are supposed to
Your Life is an Occasion, Rise to It
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