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Lucas Pierce Jan 2015
The distance from you and I is unbearable I just want you next to me.
We cant see each other every day like it use to,
it just kills me emotionally
To think there is someone new for you better then I ever could be,
But my love for you is so deep I hope you see.
I'd lose apart of me if you left me,
I could just be overthinking like always because you say you love me.
This paranoia is impacting my heart devouring it with rapid beats.
We can prevail this little time in this present soon it will be history.
I plan my life with you even though this distance is getting ahold of me.
Lucas Pierce Nov 2014
Pressure of society inside of us, the bag of emotions are ready to POP.
Ready for fresh air because we are still kernels developing.
Each kernel is different, some giving into the pressure.
Theirs good pops and bad depending on your kernel mind.
You can be a butterfly flake with many wings
You can be a mushroom flake with few wings
Some are gifted but everyone should spread their wings.
Lucas Pierce Sep 2014
What If Today was your last day?**
How would you live your last hours?
Would you be surrounded by others who cherish you?
Or would you be on your own?
Playing your favorite game?
Getting into trouble?
Crossing off your bucket list?
Telling someone your love for them?
Would you go insane?
Knowing your about to leave this world behind.
Knowing your loved ones will feel empty inside.
Why do we live to die?
Are you religious?
Do you believe in God?
Believe in heaven above?
Did you live life to the fullest?
Don't say what if.
Live life and do.
Lucas Pierce Sep 2014
People think they know my story,
They don't.
You see they don't ask me, they don't talk to me.
We are all strangers for what?
There are billions of people and we only know a handful.
I want to be known by that big count of people,
But not judged or criticized for what I do.
Its my life let me live it,
Mistakes or success I'll learn to be a better person,
Why hurt others?
All you have to do is be happy smile and laugh at everything.
I dare you to simply say hello to someone you see,
You could change there whole day by simply acknowledging them.
And sometimes you will lose people by cause of death
by different outlooks in life.
All I ask of you to do is care a little more about others.
For the kids being picked on stand up to the bully's,
Become a hero in someones eyes,
All I want to do is be someones hero or role model just to be looked up too
It would make me feel wanted, needed.
Maybe one day you'll remember and notice me.
everyone wants to be seen by others for what we are, who we are accept everyone who deserves the chance to you.
Lucas Pierce Sep 2014
We were given a ticket for a ride,
A ride or die.
We go on this ride called life,
There will always be twists and turns that will scare us;
That will make our stomach drop from the fast pace.
We sometimes need that adrenaline rush to overcome the impossible.
To win but everyone wants to be in first place,
Constantly playing little games.
What if the ride or game ends? will we get another ticket? or will we be lost?
We all want to find that thrill in our hearts,
But sometimes we cant because we hear people scream,
But knowing we have to keep calm at times.
And our standards are usually so high they rise to the sky,
But our emotions are lower then the lines.
We also have to tackle our fears and get over the challenges.
So Keep riding along and keep getting strong.
I Love Roller Coasters
Lucas Pierce Sep 2014
I have a vine and a poetry rhyme.
Writing and laughing help me cope with the climbing rope.
If I fall I'll break some bones and yell out some moans.
Give me hope because i'm already in doubt.
Stressed so much,
Just so I can impress.
Nervous about everything is it for anything?
Depressed I just need to get up and get dressed
Reminding myself not to get into trouble,
For I know I couldn't handle the arrest.
Haunted by everyday struggle.
Sometimes I feel unwanted I need to get out of my bubble.
But my heart is smart for loving so many.
Putting you before myself.
maybe done? still can add more if I want that's the best part of writing
Lucas Pierce Aug 2014
Can we fight this,
this challenge.
Of long distance.
It hasn't hurt us before, but it hurts a little right now.
I feel like this could be different, or bring us closer than before.
Your a college girl.
If anything happens and one of us changes,
Know I Love You at this moment,
This moment could last or just be another memory.
I don't want to hurt you I just want to love you.
I'm so use to routine
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