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Aug 2020 · 1.3k
Lynne Podrat Aug 2020
Today I tried to run away
I did not have success,
The road was long,
The day too hot,
I fear I look a mess.
My long hair quite in disarray
My clothing, loose and free
People cry and point and try
to run away from me.
Dec 2019 · 259
Lynne Podrat Dec 2019
Full Circle

My mother died this morning,
Grandmother, great-grandmother
We knew, possible, but still unexpected.
Fortunately, my children were with me,
sharing, serenity in the mountains of Vail
Grandchildren make things better,
Hugging, laughing, being silly to bring smiles.
Then we head home, in darkness, flying Red Eye
Leaving the mountains for Florida
To land, splash of sunrise, a new day.
Each two adults seated with one child.
Even through sadness, I smile, looking
At three generations, grandparents, parents, grandchildren,
Remembering my daughter, six, son, fifteen.
Flying from Philadelphia to Florida on vacation,
With grandparents, her first flight to Disneyworld.
Two adults seated with one child,
Three generations, grandparents, parents, grandchildren.
Dec 2019 · 81
Ode To The Move
Lynne Podrat Dec 2019
Moving south, no simple task
Why complicated? you might ask.
You clean your house and sell your stuff
fill up the boxes, what’s so tough?
The movers wrap, and lift, and pack
their truck from bottom, front to back.

A realtor hired, as you presume,
will change and rearrange each room,
with covers, pillows, cushions plus,
reaching perfection without muss.
This really is no way to hold
We owners captive until sold.

Three moves instead of only one
our first began the summer fun.
Boxes in storage we did foresee,
waiting for move number three.
My car with friends amongst bamboo,
packed to the hilt for number two.

We left for Vail mid- afternoon,
our trek began in middle June.
Across the country in two weeks,
Our summer home midst Gore Range Peaks.

End of summer, get my car,
our second move the worst by far.
Three months fraught with frustration,
Countdown to our destination.
The tenant had till end of fall
Before our move to end them all.
Arrival time for number three
The time to end our misery.
Once again, we hit the road
to reach our lasting new abode.
The warmth of Florida we embrace,
As our final winter base.

— The End —