Helpless, hopeless, do you understand these words?
Its what i'm feeling inside, and it really really hurts
This long dark tunnel, only I can see
I walk alone, nobody but me

Eager to love, yet afraid to fall
I want to love you, but there's this 10 foot wall.

Guarded and scared, I've let no one in
Show me you're the one who wants to break in.

Be my prince, my guard, my knight in shining armor
Save me from this dreaded curse im in.

I'll jump, take a chance, perhaps a leap of faith
I will let you in and see who I am.

Hold my heart, see my soul
Love me forever, and never let go.

I can't believe this is happening to me
Oh, thank you God for blessing me.

I know your bringing something into my life
Something that will make everything alright.

My soul expanded and spirit so blessed
If I could, I would do it again.

You've taught me things I never knew
Oh God, what would I do without you?

Eternally blessed, and surrounded by your love
My heart and soul will forever be above.

Sometimes that regret comes back to haunt me
And I think "If I did it, I wouldn't be suffering."

I'd do anything to take away these agonizing days
This hurt I feel, this never ending pain.

This negative state I can not get out of
You see, there is no light, so what is the outcome?

Should it be a quick death to end the misery?
Or drain in this river of prayers, crying for mercy.

Should it be a quick blow to the head, to forget the rest?
Or slowly endure this test, and hope for the best.

Whatever the outcome shall be, I hope it ends this misery.

— The End —