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Gerardo Reyes Aug 24
Our story is the most romantic
I would cross all the Atlantic
Swimming through all the deep sea
Dreaming you are crazy for me
Giving me a love signal
Doing a heart with your hands
Throwing a light of romance
I am ready for the rescue
Your love guardian is original
On his way to love his queen
I fight against everything in between
You and me

Our story is the most romantic
That's why I sing a cantique
To add power to our passion
I love your reaction
When I show you love details
Our love is better than fairy tales
We show all our love
To all the world
There is only one word
To describe it
And the word is romantic

Our story is the most romantic
Our love is the most gigantic
Your heart is so fragile
That's why I am the most agile
When it comes to solve
Any worry of you my love
You demonstrate me all the time
That I am yours and you are mine
That's why I feel romantic
Our story is the most romantic
Gerardo Reyes Aug 24
Baby I need your caresses
Like I need to breathe
I am not into excesses
But I need your caresses
Like I need to eat

You know how much I hate vices
But there are no advices
That can make me reason
There are no pauses
Your caresses are the causes
That produce a beautiful prison
In which I have a mission
Which is being brave
And taking care
Of your beautiful soul

I love you for eternity
To save you I am the boldest
Even if struggles are the coldest
Even if I am dying internally
I will do the impossible
So we live and love each other
And every of our goals become possible
And our love will grow stronger
That's the mission your caresses
Command me to achieve
That's why without your caresses
I can not live
Gerardo Reyes Aug 24
I love you girl because you are so sweet
The only girl I want to live with

Tell me where you want to meet
I go for the rescue in a bit
I am yours since we crashed
We crushed and we match
I threw you my heart
And you did a nice catch

You have a honey magnet
Kissing your lips in color scarlet
With sweet flavor like strawberry
I have no doubt
You are the girl I want to marry
I make you a vow
Because you are extraordinary

You have taught me so many lessons
You have answered my questions
You have changed my direction
Now I live my life at the fullest
I would be the most foolish
If I let go a girl so sweet
The only girl I want to live with
Gerardo Reyes Aug 16
You are so special
They say I am demential
Because I think about you every day
Besides you I have nothing to say
You are so beautiful
I don't speak about anything else
With you I forgot the year we live on
Your kisses take me to the space
I feel the grace when I see your face
Because you are so special

You are so special
That for me you are the most essential
Because I can't live without your voice
With you I forget about every noise
It had been an eternity since yesterday
I would like to live with you every day
Breaking the walls that get on our way

You are so special
That I protect you like a treasure
I cover you with my hugs
That's why you are always in my thoughts
I work the magic to solve any problem
Because for you there are no excuses
To fight, strive and solve them
Because you are so special
Gerardo Reyes Aug 16
This is a wonderful night
And everything is just right
Let me be the knight
Who rescue the princess
From all the winters
In her life
And I ask myself
How did I met a sweet girl?
I put in a shelf
The moments with you my sweet pearl

Love is in the air
Let's go to the fair
Life is not always fair
But we know our love will never fail

Forget about your problems
Together we will solve them
Our love make us stronger
I see in your soul windows
I am your bold hero
Because love is in the air
Gerardo Reyes Aug 16
I am yours, and you are mine
Like alcohol and grape
Out of our love vine
Our love is not chance
To fulfill our romance
Nothing will shake our faith

You are so pure, with no malice
Your voice is like a sweet breeze
Every kiss like the first kiss
I have always loved your nature
The smell of your perfume
Reminds me our destiny
Is designed for us to be together
Reminds me there is no enemy
That can cut our feathers

I grab a pen
And let the poetry flow
You are a twenty out of ten
You are the most wonderful glow
That makes grow this powerful love
Like an orchard
In the valley of Sonoma
Your wonderful aroma
Reminds me
Nothing will shake our faith.
Gerardo Reyes Aug 15
In the ups and downs
In the highs and lows
Princess you are my love
Although the night is cold
Look how white is the snow
Our love is more precious than gold
Even the burden of the winter
Can't deny I love you princess

There are no excuses
When I try to save you
Sometimes I seem clueless
And I find the way too
You inspire me to be a better person
I find enjoyable every of your lessons
You are my sunset
You change my mindset
When everything is obscure
You are the cure
The impulse to keep fighting
Like the flash struck by lightning
You are my princess
And your love is my superpower

Every time I feel I can't
I remember I need to protect you
From the storms that came
I will never regret having met you
And I will protect you until the end
For you I would be your superman
I will never leave you alone
I promise I will never be gone
We will defeat all the burdens
Together we will find the answers
I can't resist to your cuteness
Your sweetness is enough, I swear
Because I love you princess
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