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Lost Cause Feb 2014
Who won if all was lost in love and war
And death awaited every soul
Who won if life was all but sour and bore,
To which we turn our shoulders, Cold.

This path of life doth lead to loss
In which our stay is all but brief
Our minds and souls are tragic flaws
That drives us all to endless grief.

So, when all man hath ceased to speak,
And echoed lines hath ceased to Rhyme
Our knees will buckle at our feet
To bare such grief till ends of Time.
Just playing around with some Iambs
Lost Cause Feb 2013
Early bird gets worms,
Good things come to those who wait,
Hawks and Pigeons lie.
Lost Cause Jan 2013
When future catches past
In Japan’s last stance.
When the future seems cast
The last warriors take a chance.
They advance with strange valour,
Toward impending Death
Outnumbered and Outgunned
Surrounded – Sixty to one

Within a flash, or even a glance
Reduced to forty, they still advance.
They fight valiantly, But for what cause?

They rather suicide over capture,
And even in death,
Their eyes gleam with rapture.

To the last sword
For the last drop
Till the last scream
Till the flag falls
Till no guns speak
And no man seeks
On that hill he did die
That last Samurai.
Inspired by 'Saigō Takamori' and by the phrase 'death before dishonour'. "Saigō Takamori's army numbered around 40,000, dwindling to about 400 at the final stand at the Battle of Shiroyama, they fought for the preservation of the role of the samurai. Legend has it, that on being injured on the battlefield, Takamori committed seppuku, a traditionally Japanese ritual of suicide by disembowelment.
Lost Cause Jan 2013
Have no fear, Have no fear
Fetch your Rifle!
‘You’re a soldier son – shed no Tear’

Intoxicated, Zombified – we must fight!
No matter where, How or When
Regardless if it were Day or Night

But, why must one man fight another
And for what cause?
And Why must one slay his own brother
Without a hesitant pause.

Tis it for country? Tis it for Pride?
Answer me!
Tis it a Bandwagon one must just Ride

At  Night I wake to cries of Pain.
To those thunderous claps.
Slowly but surely I’ll go insane.

But for what cause? One always asks
Did we lose humanity
Under Gas Masks

If one does not fear,
then one simply lies.
For without such fear
One simply dies.

— The End —