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Lori McGaw Aug 2010
breath word worship;
angel chant


our          you
us   and  you
we           you


let the sweat
the wild day.









one two
two one.
porcelain smooth,
be surrounded in love.
I am only me
thinking, smiling,
softly whispering of
angels breathing to
your sleeping face.
Collection of little poems I've put together using those magnetic poetry word kits.  I have fun playing with the words and some times come up with neat images or rhythms even if the poems don't always make sense.
Lori McGaw Aug 2010
I believe in love, I believe in hope,
I believe in hugs, I believe in jokes.
I know there is a happiness,
a truth we all can share
that encompasses compassion, strength, and care.

I believe in life, I believe in humanity,
I believe in optimism, I believe in serenity.
I believe success will be ours.
With friendship true and open hearts
is all we need to create life as art.
July 2001
Lori McGaw Jul 2010
i am
if he
lips that
throb heat
fresh fever
sinful kiss
frantic laugh
wild dance
still night
deep slow ***
whispering voice
melts a cold heart
into liquid love

Lori McGaw Jul 2010
I paint an island for you and for me,
I color it brightly - the sky and sea.
Then to shine a golden orb,
a sun that's there to keep us warm.

And this island, you soon shall find,
will follow the twinklings of your mind.
So if, perhaps, you wish to behold
a sailing boat (of perfect mold)
in which you want to sail away -
Then by and by, you certainly may.

Or would you rather sit and stare
at dancing stars through crisp air?
Why then my darling, it will be true.
Anything less isn't enough for you.

As for me my desire is not so grand:
To sit with you and hold your hand.
I'll be the light guiding your way,
the supporting strength day after day.
Someone to listen, understand, and care,
Just think of me and I'll be there.

This island I painted, for you and for me
(such brightly colored sky and sea)
is not a dream but in our hearts reality true,
a place to fully love and appreciate you.

circa 2000
Lori McGaw Jul 2010
How far will we go?
How much will we give?
Where will we know to stop?

We share silent thoughts
Across untraveled lengths:
Always revealing naught.

These plans and dreams
Fill our heads and days-
Times stills and flies, it seems.

The load is too much,
For just one, alone,
But together we'll have The Touch.

So step with me and cross
To take this one time chance,
Or never know of it's gain or loss.

Lori McGaw Jul 2010
In the darkness I see myself too clearly,
yet I am blind and lost.
Can't quite figure out what I'm doing,
or what I want,
I'm only scaring myself in the dark.

I wish I could run away from my thoughts,
free myself from my mind and fly through peace.

There is a war in my mind,
neither side is right.  Or wrong.
Only interested in hurting the other;
I'm hurting myself.

Help! as I drift through space, lost in the black,
scared with the unknown of lost opportunities
that may have never existed.

I need to be freed.

Lori McGaw Jul 2010
How can I think I'm not interested when my heart betrays me
by flying when you catch my eye?
    (my cowardice keeps me away)
You exhaust me but I can't resist your pull.
    (fear? keeps me timid, not my nature)
I want you to drift away but I can't seem to let go.
    (my body is a traitor)
I never dreamed of you 'til you stopped speaking to me.
    (i don't even know what to want)

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