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Faith Dec 2019
Let's talk about Me. Pull up chair. Gather your friends. I have tale to tell for all to read...    

Are we gathered. Snuggled in. Food on lap. Licking fingers of no pages to turn...

How should I start the selfishness journey of my friend .Will the beginning be better then the end.

Meeting someone that you instantly connect to is joyous. Talk all day until the night.. Sharing crazy heartfelt journeys you wouldn't but you just did. Heartbeat in throat waiting for stranger to say yes...
When they say yes and share back it's silent scream of bliss.
That my reading friends is where it begins ...
Faith Nov 2019
Fill in the blanks. Your good at it.
Faith Sep 2019
Writing about you brings sweat in my brows that slowly porous.

Should I do or Should I NOT

My tongue is on my lips.

Making choice.
Faith Jun 2019
At the the end of the day. All said and done. Will I be happy with the path I Lead.

You know what I dislike about myself?  

I dislike that I put others first. No matter thirst or hunger. Theirs is first.

I am tired. I am up to the **** level of Dissuade
Faith Apr 2019
Ok. Seriously. Do not feel the same. Bitten lip. Alcohol . Thank you, Jesus ..sSips of salvation.

Can't stand you. Wish you would go away.

I do enough for you. I want to be free. I want to fly away on tequila sunrise....
Faith Feb 2019
Skipping beat in my whirlwind schedule. Trying like hell to not get lost in the shuffle.

Bending down and getting lost and found. Just to find  my own merry go round.

Getting respect and praise from others is like kiss from my mother. Joy to the heart not skipping beat. Your praise to me is like dancing on my feet.
Faith Apr 2018
I hate you. This time you didnt Win.
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