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Long To Sail Dec 2020
Husbands too should be addressed but this letter is specifically for the wives.

Dear wives,
Do not cheat on your husbands.
Hold strong to your marriages and speak good of your partners.
Protect the sanctity of your marriages.
Do not fall prey to the wolves who only see you as meat. You might be left with only bones to hide.

Dear wives,
Do not cheat on your families.
If you fall prey, ensure you are protected. Do not birth a child with a possibility of it being another man’s without checking.
For your husband and your families will love that child like they have never loved before. It is unfair to any person.

Dear wives,
Do not cheat on life. For when your husband discovers the child he has loved and lived for is not his own, the devastation will break him. His whole world will crumble. It will feel like a kind of death has happened when he realises the person he has given his entire being for never actually existed. Not in the way he believed.

Dear wives,
Do not cheat on yourselves.
For a moment of euphoria, can and possibly will, give you a lifetime of regret and sadness.

Dear wives,
Do not cheat on your offsprings.
Do not bring life to a world you built on lies and deceit. Innocence does not deserve such torment. Remedy what is wrong with right, with the truth.

Dear wives,
Trust my little message. For my eyes have shed tears like the hidden oceans of Europa and in my chest sits a thorn shrouded heart. Every beat piercing to the sound of “my” son’s name.

Dear husbands,
I hope you never have to feel like I do. And if you do, don’t you ever, never ever hate “your” child for they only know love for you. Feel as you must towards the mother but give only love for the child for your love might be the difference between their future being sun rays or dark clouds.

With love (or whatever that’s left),
A man with a broken heart who has just found out he isn’t the biological father to a beautiful little boy and doesn’t know what to do.

Not thinking about what you have because you never imagined you someday won’t - Lang leav
Long To Sail Sep 2020
Distract yourself
With making your child happy
With making your car fast
With making the best of all that you have
Cause all you have won’t last

Convince yourself
That it’s not worth the anger
That what goes around comes around
That this world was constructed in every way to break a person down

Rid yourself
Of the pain that she’s inflicting
Of the reminders that you’re no good
Of every little thing she’s doing behind your back that a spouse never should

Remind yourself
How we will all be judge one day
How we will all face the same fate
How we’ll be resurrected from our place of rest to answer to every deed, done and said
Long To Sail Oct 2017
Tonight the lump in my throat has become a boulder
If my eyes decide to bleed I will not find a shoulder
Tonight my veins know not what runs through it
Rage? Anger? Confusion? Sadness? Old lies new heat

Soiled in your fuel of lies I held my fire high
I'm running out of strength to constantly try to try
But now my arms draw near as I soon hold myself in disgrace
And it is now the time has come, I have set myself ablaze.
Long To Sail Mar 2016
There's a little black hole at the end of my room.

Where a little black man sings sorrows to the moon.

Now a little black spot on my heart springs my doom.

But little won't stay little unless she comes home soon.
Long To Sail Feb 2016
i once was twenty one
my life was up in smokes
she asked if i remembered
but i forgot the day i awoke

my memories are healing scars
they do not depict a clear story
but i remember a time of chaos
a time i stood in glory

there was static in my hands
and fire in my eyes
when the smoke had cleared and fire died
it was a tad too late to realize

but fire is no more a friend
now gardens grow far and wide
she is the rain to wash the ashes
the moon, the mood to my tide.
Long To Sail Sep 2015
Oh dear lover, how your tongue is so sly.

When words can come so easily.


But how strong your pride is more than your tongue is sly

When you can say all but "I'm sorry"


But guarded is this heart from such strength in pride

For when both of us put you before me


Maybe if you look into your heart deep down inside

You'd find being wrong is not wrong unless you stand for it unjustly.

Long To Sail Jul 2015
The amorous history of you
that she so well denies,

sometimes reveals itself,
though she hides it from her eyes.

I do not hate you.

Though I envy you,
I do not hold a grudge.

I only hope she has shed the skin that once resonated your touch.
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