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lolla Dec 2013
She can't decide who she wants.
She makes you jump through hoops.
She's playing you both and you let her do it.
I read you like women speaking what is on
Their minds. I want to date both of you if
You want a woman who don't play men for
Fools. Did you read her comments to a third guy
writing poems? Smell the coffee she is playing
both you and now guy three or four.
lolla Dec 2013
I can walk without limping.
My skin is pale like yours, hers is darker.
Working my *** off at two minimum wage jobs.
I may not have a Harvard education and i'm not
Seeking fame or a bunch of men drooling over me.
I want one man to love me and treat me right.
Am I asking for too much?
Hard not to have envy in my heart reading poems
From men wanting a woman who don't want them.
lolla Dec 2013
***** to see women with men drooling over em.
***** when it happens and they play the field.
***** when it never happens to me.
I want love, I want my happily after, why not me?
***** when women can't just pick a man
So the rest of us who WANT love can get men.
***** to read and makes me sick not to be
A lady with men drooling over her.
Why do men want a woman who is scared of love?
That's dumb not to want to date men who want
To date

— The End —