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10.3k · Jan 2016
I carry you
lluvia de abril Jan 2016
I don’t know if you know
I carry you
in an involuntary sigh
in a constant exodus of yearning
and in the frantic deepness of all
nostalgic thought, shaking time and distance
to place me near you
in the closeness of your warmth

I carry you in sorrow
in the absence of your voice
and in the memory of your rib cage molded
in the shape of ardent weakness
my embrace

I carry you, the braille at the tip of my fingers
life drawn in lines on my left palm
and in the carcass of calm interrupted
by the pounding of a heart’s ill-time

I don't know if you know, but
I carry you in the crown of memories consoled
and in the spine of excess
where I fall, between involuntary sighs
in your skin remembered
from the confines
of the heart
On a night...just a night.
3.3k · Dec 2015
The Proposal*
lluvia de abril Dec 2015
What shall I say
to the promise of bright moons?

Your lips, I never could refuse

And to your voice at 3:00 am
what shall I say?

You are better at this game
I’ve lost to you, my heart concedes

Is that a kiss that claims my
skin, my thoughts, the me?


I shall say yes to moonlit nights
so long as you propose
a kiss for every star

I will accept, as you propose
the moon is at my feet and always
bright at night

I shall say yes
my knight at dawn
will you then
stay the night?

Dawn is a kiss, but
for me, for me
sunrise is in your eyes

and the world
the world will always be
for you to save
On the night he stayed and built a bridge from the hues of moonlight into the calm of dawn and rays of sun.

*Credit  for title and inspiration to someone special.
lluvia de abril Feb 2016
to sit across from you, conceding
sprinkled with cookies of a rare chocolate chip type

looking on
as you take a last bite
and time
jealousy strikes the clock

-we must move on-

Yet I cannot deny
an Ode to that little piece
hated and adored at once

that one piece that soft
so quietly crumbled
from your lips
without reaching mine

sweetness tasted
of an imagined first kiss
in the flight of thought
and time
In due time - if dues are to count.
1.5k · Jan 2016
Inkless Poem
lluvia de abril Jan 2016
A faultless poem
inkless, without erasures
written in fixed glances
in agreement
a matchless pact

Each verse, a touch
a breath, a gaze

suddenly, their storm
ink runs intense
crimson hearts bleed
bodies collapse

their surrender writes an end
a kiss
their thirst, a perpetual desire
to rewrite with fault
they call it a draft
and find a blank page
Write me a poem, he said. So she takes his hand and...
1.4k · Mar 2016
A happy poem
lluvia de abril Mar 2016
I want to be
                 your happy poem
    to write myself
                             into your eyes
your lips, your shoulder blades
to fall into your soul
                         and leap from there
into that heart within your heart
not known to you just yet

I want to be
                    the verse that rings as true
        as the promise of your gaze
late in the day, an uncontemplated
a whispered phrase which keeps
and holds and stays with you
                throughout the day

I want to be the sound
                        and smell of fresh felled rain
to stir your thoughts as you awake
                        a storm
relentless, unafraid
                       to bring your laughter
and retreat into the wants
                                      within your veins
I just want to be honestly romantic. Did I fall close?
1.4k · Nov 2015
Bury Me Deep
lluvia de abril Nov 2015
Bury me deep in your mind
under the skin of a memory
within the breaths of a kiss
still warm on your lips
bury me

Bury me above your chest
below the walls of your heart
and close to a burning plain
bury me of love insane
sensitive still to your stare
still crazed by your touch
bury me
1.3k · Apr 2016
Thoughts of you
lluvia de abril Apr 2016
After you left
                         I moved to a bigger house
as if I needed more space for my thoughts of you
as if I had the strength to
remember you

I measured the size of each room
and touched every corner
                of that tremendous place
                trying to guess how many moments
                how many of our early mornings
                                                       in embrace
                                                       it would take
                      to repel the shadows of emptiness
                      to turn the color and shade of my contempt

I opened each window
and closed my eyes, shutting out the
                wailing of a so tired heart
                holding the silence
                                              in all its weight
That day, I listened for the sound of your steps -in case you remembered to return what was once everything to me.
1.3k · Feb 2016
lluvia de abril Feb 2016
He was a man who stopped time
stretch a second in love
as much as he wanted

This was not the case
for Saturday traffic
he left before she got there

Sitting at the corner table
she ordered a cup of coffee
-for here-
in case he returns for that napkin
that napkin inscribed in chocolate

"I waited, you never got here
this flower is yours, if it's alive
when you find it
water it"

She did and drove home
against traffic with just a note
and a flower

Oh, if only the man that stops time
could also take care of traffic!
I do hope everyone finds this one funny. I have been told many times that my sense of humor is simply off, but I keep trying ;)
1.2k · Mar 2016
Our fighting ground
lluvia de abril Mar 2016
Rebellious and insolent
my thoughts return to seek for you
to find an empty fighting ground; there
long ago two hearts collapsed in love

And so I try again
as I take a final blow
and watch my soul’s remains
laying face up mid-sun
not knowing how to live
not knowing how to finish dying
holding a permanent stance
against letting you go
there is no final breath

I am without your many shields
exposed ever so fatally in the promise
to protect
and bleed in different shades of red
as I remember your left hand
gently covering my face
while the right swift and skilled
split my heart in two
beyond hope or repair

I am without complaint in all your strength
and in the bluest of your hues
There is no truth, if not, but in your eyes; oceans and skies now unattainable.
1.2k · Dec 2015
Modest Hero
lluvia de abril Dec 2015
Do come for me
when the night swallows me whole
bring sunlight in your words
come rescue me

Do come for me
when life has failed me so
I am standing on a bridge
come talk to me

when fate knocks at my door
a day before I go
please cover me  from harm
don't let her take me

Do come for me
and bring sunlight
and bring hope
break my chains
and warm my blood to save me

Don't cry for me
if all attempts to save my soul
have fallen short of hope
if my  mind has become mold
release me
let me go, do free me

Your courage
has ******* fate
you honor life, never death
in silence and with grace

without striking a cord
you do it not for praise
now hear me

if I break
before you get here
do  pray for me
To that modest hero who would give his life for others and then writes it off ever so modestly as doing his job.
1.1k · Dec 2015
Without Qualm
lluvia de abril Dec 2015
I left you without qualm
or hesitation, taking perhaps
the shortest path
through that red door
of doubts and roads
without redemption

I left you
standing in the plain
of shattered moments
walking on the edge of all
the maybes and the whys

but kept you deep in the veins
emptied of any sorrow
and regret, wrapped in
all that makes the
thoughts the single sense

I kept you
as the voice that raises breath
and blood and heart
in the dawn, in the rise and fall
of all our steps
toward each other and away

I kept you without fear
without a scruple, without
regard to rights or wrongs
and in the certainty of each
and every yes inside my head
taking that  never ending walk
without qualm or hesitation
Cross the door, walk.
-a sign in red once said-
1.1k · Feb 2016
Slanting the heart
lluvia de abril Feb 2016
I am a solitary thought
to anchor down the heart
to keep
all sails in place
compass intact
and so I brace
as wind and current
take your side
slanting the heart
Learning to swim, sometimes against the tide.
1.1k · Dec 2015
The Gentle Brave
lluvia de abril Dec 2015
Before I raise my voice
I will lower it to hear you

I will listen
to the undercurrent of your thoughts
your pain and the sound your tears make
when they fall
when they are left uncried

I will walk with you,  trace our steps back
to that fork in the path where good things fall
through a pocket hole and burdens
hitch a piggy back ride

I hear you
I see you
let's take a walk

I will be brave with you
let us gently extricate
dreams lost from
underneath that heavy rock

Don't be afraid
if  you get lost
I will raise my voice to find you

when you hear me
my voice will bring you back
Inspired by a gentle, yet brave  voice. I hear you. I am walking back, dreams in my pocket, burden off the back.
lluvia de abril Dec 2015
If I had a word to reach
it would be one you gently speak
a phrase, a verse in tone so kind
it tints the fiber of dawn’s light

your Words have traveled
in warmth sublime
on wings of amber
and quiet fire

without you
there would be no words
to speak, to sing
that if I had, but one to reach
it would be one you gift to me
* Title by Bill Hughes.  

Thank you for the gift of inspiration. Cheers to a newfound friendship!
1.1k · Jan 2016
lluvia de abril Jan 2016
I am out of words
out of verses
nothing rhymes
with your absence

Yet time stood still
for you 
and life, well life is 
not the same
without your eyes
and the truth of all truths:
a single thought of
you will always move my

But time presses time
and I try to find the word
and rhyme
the voice
of a soul moved:
I think of you
and warmth
overwhelms the silence
the word that rhymes
Today is your birthday and I cannot see you. The stone with your name takes me, buries me in the grief of your absence. And I want to believe, I will see you again. Oh, what I would give to hug you.  It was today, five years ago that I last heard your voice. You were 23, happy and busy as always. A month later you were gone. I am so glad we had those 3 minutes on the phone. I remember telling you how much I missed and loved you and,  I heard you: "Me too, Syl. Me Too."

You are 28 to me, and I am counting the days.  I will see you again.

Miss you Josh
1.0k · Jan 2016
Speaking of you
lluvia de abril Jan 2016
I forget what speaks louder of you;
if it is the hunger of my lips
longing to kiss you
or the kiss waiting discretely
to be born from yours
swaying on the verge of vulnerability

I forget if it is the kiss
that tender
and irresistible
becomes unbreakable;
your soul’s assent

or if it is the words in note
the morning writes and you erase
in an innocent attempt to
hesitate your truth
pausing at its tip

or the shrug
off your left shoulder blade
that briefly masks your will
before it is abandoned
at the edge of quiet moments
when you heed without refrain

It is the candidness of silence wept
to carry the ripest, sweetest kiss
onto my wanting lips
without disturbing yours
 in truth
and quietly insatiable
1.0k · Dec 2015
Hollow words
lluvia de abril Dec 2015
If I must forget you
convince me
that love is the hollow
of words unwritten

Remind me
that thoughts are a trespass
all things unwanted

Whisper a word in the wrong place
a misstep towards a Thursday
torn from the walls in May

Teach me
to think love
an inconvenience
an imprudent heartbeat
at the wrong time of day

Show me
what I must forget
1.0k · Nov 2015
You call, I come
lluvia de abril Nov 2015
You call, I come
- surrendering the fight-

how can one fathom life
so far from your thoughts
as pieces of the sun
- kisses wither in time-
and sieving memories soften
the fall

-you are my demise-
sweet harshness striking in calm
stripping marrows in early dawn
-yet you cannot will my will-

A paper weight holds
down the heart – and all beneath
slowly dies
-petals arched in the sun-

And yet, you call, and I, well I…
just want.
1.0k · Mar 2016
Of indecent thoughts
lluvia de abril Mar 2016
A thought indecent
claims to know
the you that I miss most
the you I've not yet met
and long for

I miss your skin a day too soon
a kiss before its taste
and so I catch myself falling inertly
in thought consumed
veins first
waiting, waiting
waiting for time to bloom the day when untouched skin
and unkissed lips take form and shape of all indecent thought exposed
lived amidst the tender sounds of rustling sheets
in the warmth and taste
of strangers
On a day that I felt uncompromised, but yours before the thought existed and missing you was unacceptably premature.
1.0k · Jan 2016
The morning he left
lluvia de abril Jan 2016
On the morning he left
before he took that half a turn into the street
he said to her that strength is measured
not in the unyielding clasp
but in all set free

Mindful of her fragility
he knew she drew from a deep well
her life appearing strong
yet his advise could be wrong

and yet she could not dwell
in any words he left with her;
a keepsake
a token promising
he'd count the steps he took upon return

for a promise made when one is leaving
is hard to believe
as we've all heard them before
no words ever spoken nor written
can touch trust at this level
until his return has come to fruition
and he comes back home

and so she followed his steps
as far as their sound would take her
setting him free
so their embrace could live
unbroken, eternally

A collaboration with Mark Cleavenger. Thank you for the honor Mark.
And so she became strong, unbraiding their hearts, living to keep count of their steps.
1.0k · Apr 2016
good night, I bid
lluvia de abril Apr 2016
I am sorry darling
           our paths part here
a bell's loud toll
              encourages pace
              it sets me free

It's been a long day
       the suns set
              my eyes can rest
                in light embraced

hold on to my fragments
without lament
               for the night is generous
                      quieting the rain

I am sorry darling
          we must part ways
remember eternally:
                    you are part of me
           it's til I see you
                    that goodnight I bid
my heart stays whole
and with you remains
To all of you, I hold you dearly. My journey here comes to and end this rainy Thursday - I leave the poetry and take yours with me.

I am indebted for your eyes, your company, your hearts which I know through your poems. Thank you HP may you keep giving the gift of writing.
990 · Feb 2016
lluvia de abril Feb 2016
Allow me to rest
by the shores
of your friendship

I have walked
day and night
to get here

I know you are tired too
your journey preceded
you have been waiting

rest on my shoulder
will come along
with three glasses
of lemonade
Friendship is a precious gem, we all carry it deep inside. If we polish it and protect it there is nothing it won't outshine. Agree?
lluvia de abril Jan 2016
Thank You HP for the gesture
and compliment of the Daily

To each of you,
I am grateful for
your eyes, your time
your words nourish, console
and encourage the aspiring writer in me

I am grateful for your thoughts
and heart in comments;
jewels encrusted in the mind
beats in my writer's heart

Your interpretation of my work
opens the world; your work inspires me, you inspire me

You are energy
you are a gift and I am humbled
to be in your company
To all of you who gift me with your time, likes and extraordinary comments -Thank you. I am truly honored and value you more than I can say. Your eyes and words carry me.
967 · Jan 2016
The good walk
lluvia de abril Jan 2016
As the train pulled away
a strikingly familiar note
filled the air
and you were part of me

a part that let
the better version of us live
and yet could keep us whole

the distance settled
in a light precipitation
drenching gray into the day

as I lost sight of the train
and walked back
three miles into a memory
to mark the last page
in our story
the page we failed
962 · Feb 2016
How many times...
lluvia de abril Feb 2016
How many times
would I return
in an attempt to be the storm
that claims your heart as an abode
on a day which no longer exists

How many
to create my earth
in subtle grooves upon your back
until the seeds of every kiss
begin to live, feeling your motive
and your warmth

How many
to reclaim the fruits
of tender mornings gone
contrary to the wind as whispers
from your lips

How many before the storm's
inevitable retreat
leaving only white flags
white flags in bloom
ceding to time
as scars
and beauty marks

And how many more
would I return
before the clouds break
in the sun

I do not know
945 · Dec 2015
Meet me Thursday noon
lluvia de abril Dec 2015
Oh how I want you to forget
forget that day
and meet me Thursday noon

-our place, room thirty-three-

there again
allow my skin to collapse over your skin
and wrap my final breaths
around your fingertips

Oh how I want to breathe you whole
entirely from within
until your skin becomes my skin

Thursday noon
the inn, room thirty-three
do cause my final breath
I am not afraid
917 · Jan 2016
The Prenup
lluvia de abril Jan 2016
'When you leave
don't hesitate
don't look at me
don't pretend to forget
something of yours, returning again
for just one last kiss
or the look in my face
that says I am okay, I will live

When you leave
there is no need to pack
all worth taking is mine
and I will need everything

you cannot
take a thing;
not the look in your eyes
before our first kiss
or the part of my soul
intact and inked
in the letters you wrote
that Sunday, last spring

I will fight to the death
to hold on to your gaze
at three o'clock in the morning
when you think that I sleep
and you quietly sing
sleep baby, sleep

I will keep every
word, every phrase
and, yes I will keep
every sound of exhaustion
when our bodies embrace
and the joy that it brings

You cannot retrieve
a caress from my skin
the light in your smile
dreams that we made or
the sound of your voice
when you promised to love me

When you leave
you will take just what's yours
an absolute me
my heart following'
917 · Feb 2016
Let us dance
lluvia de abril Feb 2016
I make no claim
that I have life figured out

I simply live life
trying not to let it
not to let it live me
and take all the bows
while I'm sitting idle

its music a tune
that I did not write
request or handpick
so I count the steps
try to learn the lyrics
and show up in a gown
of pearls and sequins

I dance the dance
although once in a while
our toes will pay dearly
causing distance and pause
but I cannot stop
abandon its side
leaving the dance floor
before the last song
There will always be a better dancer, but we cannot  watch from afar. Sooner or later we all figure it out and learn to dance gracefully in sequins and steel-toes. Let us dance.
909 · Nov 2015
Involuntary Breaths
lluvia de abril Nov 2015
I miss you
in the breath
of broken promises
in involuntary verses
of the prose I cannot write

I miss you
in a senseless beat of irony
and the nights that close my eyes
with the truth that strikes the wall
in the calm and the collapse
in the storm that will not pass

I miss you
in a corner of the mind
too often occupied
with involuntary rhymes
and –in all that I cannot write
888 · Dec 2015
I believed
lluvia de abril Dec 2015
You said, I believed
we were free
to cloak the universe around our shoulders
and blend it with the one you built for me
in just four days

You said, I believed
that every kiss of mine
unlocked the stars and moon that light the sky
and each of yours would bring the sun
on golden strings to me

I believed, leaving my life
atop the palm of your right hand
where I was strong enough to leap
onto a second being
a second me, one without fault
one without flaw

We were supposed to see night’s fall
and save the day from what tomorrow brings

You said and I believed
night fell only for me
tomorrow brought the sun
too close to see
No strings attached. On the palm of your hand, I stepped into the better side of me, but it was always through your eyes.
863 · Apr 2016
Insane, unashamed
lluvia de abril Apr 2016
What heart has ever not been broken,
what soul has never sought and lost itself in pain?

And yet, to hold your broken heart and try to heal it
I’d pawn my soul and wander quite insane

I know my steps could circle
without purpose
one hundred years on earth and sky in vain
but I am the product of
a chip upon my shoulder; it boldly tells me
that I am the one your heart and soul could save
Edited, after a generous gesture of my Dear friend ;)
844 · Mar 2016
let me hold you
lluvia de abril Mar 2016
You are standing there
in that five o’clock shadow
words escape me

Blame that look on your face
everything you’ve said and
those eyes, those eyes
that penetrate fiercely

I hear your steps
cross the room unhurriedly
rapture comes in your place
bare and impatient

I am motionless
wanting to devour
the space between bodies
to let tremble and crave
take over your gift and
consume your power

Blood rushes
your hands fall heavy
as the weight of your body
spoil me in your richness
and then be still for me
let me hold you
let me hold you for hours
in the strength of a gentle, but
intolerant straddle
792 · Dec 2015
Each other's end
lluvia de abril Dec 2015
A single gentle gaze flows unleashed
moving her soul
as the veil of a shadow leaves its restlessness
to bring the melodies of untouched winds

harmony crowns the blossoming fig trees
at summer’s end
eyes meet, lips touch unhurriedly
professing love’s unstirred resilience
becoming a last breath
each other’s end
drenched in the warmth of honeyed fruit
consumed in gardens newly claimed
721 · Nov 2015
lluvia de abril Nov 2015
I know not how many moments we left unlived,
holding in the lining of a kiss ungiven
or left to wander the streets uncertain,
forever weak at the knees.

I am, but a word
buried in the spirit of intention, lost in the tic-toc of time
yet a phrase that grows free  
from truth so blindingly sweet
it can only fall from your lips.

One that wants and breaks
at the top of the lungs
when yearn uncontained folds me in your touch
forms me in your arms
-clay within your hands.

I am the space between dreams
that wilted in the tired hour,
carry without strength in the wind
yet for a moment, a brief moment
I still stray in the scent
of your skin.
On a day when remembering falls short of living.
671 · Dec 2015
The Impossible Metaphor
lluvia de abril Dec 2015
I wish there was
a metaphor
for that freckle
on your face
and the scar
on your right knee

I wish
that I could capture you
in a metaphor
or three

for I'd dedicate just one
to the way
you look at me

then encapsulate
your voice
and the way it folds love meek
in the warmth
of your embrace
and the power of your grin

the third I would
set free
in the spirit
of your kiss
and the promises
it keeps, a tomorrow
in the spring

But there is no such a metaphor
I have searched
so far and wide
no verse, no word or rhyme
you are simply
the one metaphor
that is impossible to write

set so deeply
in the mind
so much deeper
in the heart
You are the pen that drives my hand as I sit down to write on a crisp December night
590 · Apr 2016
So easy
lluvia de abril Apr 2016
It is so easy
to fall apart within your hands
and there
I leave my soul unfolded
to its side, I place the weight
of dreams imposed
                    upon the heart
hoping you can shape them
make sense of them

I leave half
             of all the restlessness
that makes me brave enough
             to hold you close
                                      and then let go
On a day when I think
that I can quiet the rain to hear your heart
and walk away if that is what the day brings
580 · Jan 2016
Taking Cover
lluvia de abril Jan 2016
And I became a shadow broken
on the streets of introspection
latching on to
the better hour of days past

the air bitters with each breath
each thought
each moment
that will not be exhaled
as the chest caves
pinning the heart
against each stubborn heartbeat; hiccups
imitating life

and so I cling to the half
where no grave calls me by name
and the heart starts to beat
to take cover
568 · Dec 2015
The right day, the wrong I
lluvia de abril Dec 2015
I woke up early
and took the wrong purse

I wore the wrong shoes
my skirt did not match

I grabbed the wrong book
its pages glued shut

I missed the last stop
then ran, didn't walk
but made a wrong turn
at the end of the block

the sign was deep red
I pretended to stall
and traced my steps back

the rain came down violently
I began to cry
in a quaint little shop
always checking the time

He came in and sat
we drank coffee and talked
I laughed my eyes dry

When he asked for my name
I thought of my mom
and kindly declined
just then he was gone

Everybody wonders
why I never walk and
my skirt doesn't match
Something to make you laugh:)
464 · Dec 2015
The hour of always
lluvia de abril Dec 2015
It is the hour of always, at this time
you are obvious in my eye
and wispy layers of vivid thoughts
gather in the grace of sentiment
embellishing the sounds of a frail mind
It is the hour of always
at this time, I cannot heed a blink’s delay
suspended on the lid  of a solitary thought;
running to your side
                                                                ­     A second is three days away
                                                            ­                                    I cannot wait

   I am me in the absence of me
losing ground within your stance
arriving in your arms
drowning slowly in place
I am sound within your hands
I am graceless in the kindness of your gaze.
450 · Dec 2015
lluvia de abril Dec 2015
We met by chance
or fate perhaps

-we met-

at a time held in place
a place held in time

-for us-

and we
left nothing
to chance
On a morning that fills thought with a voice and a laugh
as my rotary phone dials  his number, one by one and his fancy analog shows my name, date of birth and precise location, before alerting
pick up with caution :)
450 · Nov 2015
I can't miss you more
lluvia de abril Nov 2015
If ever you think
that I could miss you more,
this, you should know.

You are the shape of my lips
facing always side up
the weight of my thoughts
leaning heavy to your side.

You are the line of my back
as the strength that it holds
the warmth in my skin
and density of my bones.

You are the coffee I drink
never cold, always black
the caress on my cheek
that stays when you leave.

You are the tone of my voice
when it calls out your name
you are the yearn in my body
when it needs your embrace.

You’re the look on my face
the very change in my eyes
when the touch of your love
reaches deep and remains.

You are the man I adore
my companion of dreams
and of course that you are
*you are the height of my shriek.
429 · Nov 2015
Disgracefully Close
lluvia de abril Nov 2015
To be so close
your breath feeding my breath


veins running through veins


the chest shelters you near
to touch an image in my head, just one more step


the chill that settles in, trying to think in an interrupted place
-let go, wait…
I want to hear beyond your thoughts
the right and wrong –what is it, do you know?

- your eyes-

beyond the second that splits veins at every stare
just one of yours
and a pitiful attempt to disobey
-the flesh, and thought and veins-

I cannot and I fall
every time
disgracefully close

-asking for more-
424 · Dec 2015
Surrendering to you
lluvia de abril Dec 2015
It was about oxygenating seas
crossing them on our bare feet
as we tied  wishes to the stars
that live deeply within

entwining a few more
with silver strands of thread
and placing them as sequins
on your skin

It was about cleaning the veins
of all nostalgic things
giving them wings, setting them free
and laying all the sunsets at our feet

it was about putting an end to thoughts
that double over in the rain
to pick the daisies in the spring
and boughs of yesterdays  

For me
              it was about surrendering to you
without a question or regret
              claiming your heart
amidst a breaking laughter
of the waves  and rustle of the sheets
              submitting to each other
under white linen leaves
              it was about waking up yours
with you
              not knowing the hour or the day
I have taken down all the inert things that we once hung on the walls. Those things that distract, but no one really sees.
398 · Dec 2015
Souls Carry
lluvia de abril Dec 2015
Six feet about entomb my silks
though it’s not there that I lay still

My flight descends upon your shoulder heavily
as time suspends all I have lived and carried
not my will, not my soul
my soul will carry

Angels sing the song of grief
a voice in tune with Gabriel’s
an infant spreads about white petals
though for today, not at my feet

My love takes in a final scene
with me, a final breath
though pain consumes
with thoughts of death
his face appears serene

He stays behind and cries, he cries
for me, for him, for us
Cry not for silks, oh love, my dear
an empty box is all that sits before you

As you lay down a flower
and earth atop that box
I am in your mind, your soul and heart
for it is there, where mine will carry on
If I go before you, remember - we fly the way of butterflies.
368 · Dec 2015
Because you ask
lluvia de abril Dec 2015
You ask that I write in butterflies
and of soaring blue jays on new flight

that I write from tranquil days
and scarlet painted nights

you ask for the memory of a smile
in inks intense red, dense, bright

You ask that I take the remedy
of a promise kept
and release to the wind those broken
those never made

And I tell you, I can’t.
Silence fails to reach.
352 · Nov 2015
lluvia de abril Nov 2015
To miss you is
to see your face
in the light of intolerable yearning
and trace its outline
in the blind memory of my fingers
knowing, knowing
I will never see you.
On a day that pain is abundant, memories begin to escape.
Remembering his face becomes harder every day.

— The End —