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lize kingston Aug 2013
The truth is, truth hurts.
It especially stings in the corners of old dirt covered scars.
The ones you concealed from your eye sockets.
The truth is, lies are easier to believe.
The lies you strung out over soul topics.
You are afraid and you are a coward.
The two things you tried so desperately to dodge.
Realizing you are a source of pain makes all tasks heavy.
The truth is, I became lies while thinking I was truth.
Maybe one day I'll throw up my cigarettes and broken heart pieces so I can finally heal
lize kingston Aug 2013
In the year 1996
Born a fleshed nikkita
Dopiest babe in the clan of a *****
Dropping on her word
A cry of a legend
Lyrics have been read
She’s the cure (to the remix)
Speaking in the tongue
There’s no other translation
Be born to her wisdom……
You gotta listen

Enchanted voice
A power of woman
Got them all
Under A 100 and 10 bars
lize kingston Aug 2013
Remember when I told you
My words are gonna hurt you
You never listen I guess what you see
Is true
We live in the world
Where guns
Actually ****
Ak47s shoot through
What’s real?
Ya’ll…. Gotta know
What’s in this?
All this ****** in
Change the world
Make it better
Be the word
Live forever
Lyrics speaking through
Youths mind
What’s right?
Send good message
Put a rhyme
Punch those wackoes
In the line
Show how great
We poets are
Show how we
The lives around
Make them know
We still alive
Let them know
The Saints
lize kingston Aug 2013
I fly upon a sky
So I reach it high
Make sure I don’t fall
And have to cry
I stand to be strong
And not to be wronged
Be the leader of the future
I know it’s hard
Some people don’t contribute
I don’t need them
I was meant for my purpose
Not someone else’s
Gifted for my talent
I look up to me
I’m not an idol
But you can look up to me
Try my best to reach the light
Not the darkness
You might not be proud
Well I’ll never change it
It nice to be me
I don’t lie about it
I’m a natural
Was born like this
I’m young and free
It ain’t a crime
I’m just playing me
I’m good at it
Sometime life *****
Live with it
Its only a crack
You can paint on it
Take your own book
And write a story
Be a director
And make a movie
Role on your own scene
You don’t need a script
Be real at it
And win the act
This might be simple
It only seems too
You need courage
To be a see through
Take a weapon
And start shooting
They only die
If you hit them hard
Do good poetry
And make them cry
Life is short
So take a cut
lize kingston Aug 2013
Starlight shines from limousines
On the streets of Monte Carlo
But I'd prefer a cup of tea
In a caff with Gary Barlow.
He'd draw inspiration from
The drabness of the venue
And weave sweet melodies around
The items on the menu.
Spreading sounds of happiness
Around the greasy spoon.
He may be a chub-a-lub
But he sure can write a tune.
I could take him back to mine
To feast on milk and cookies.
Watching pirate DVDs
In my flat above the bookies.

I would part the curtains
So the jealous neighbourhood
Saw me ****** rewarding
The blond scribe of 'Back for Good'.
He could climb atop me
Like he mounted Kilimanjaro
Everything changes forever
Once you've tasted Gary Barlow.

Down to earth despite his millions
Cuddlier than Robbie Williams.
Looking pensive in a vest,
Gary Barlow is the best.
lize kingston Aug 2013
A rich old lady came to tea
Her face was full of apathy
I asked her if she fancied me
But she was barely listening.
It seems her husband lets her down
He doesn't dig her disco sound.
He makes her pay for every round
While his career is fizzling.

She said so sorry to be rude
But she could not abide our food.
I asked to see her in the ****
But I don't think she heard me.
She showed me photos of her daughter
While my dad went out and bought her
Several crates of special water
She said ours was *****.

Her hands were like old withered claws
No wonder she fell off her horse
I told her she should get divorced
But she just plain ignored me.
She said that she would love to stay
But she had business in L.A.
She'd change her outfit on the way
To something chic but whorey.

As she left she kissed my nose
She said I was an English Rose
I offered to take off my clothes
But she was on the porch now
She left behind her walking stick
Her attitude got on my wick
I hope our muffins made her sick
so she dies a lets me think
lize kingston Aug 2013
The pen is mightier than the sword

All this ******
Know what’s true, but hide the point of view
Take it back to the blues
Rhythm had a crew

Read my track
See the sheets flowing
Sorry to be rude
I know a cant control it
But the beats kept going  

Take it slow on the remix
Ch’ing cheng moneys flowing
Pouring out its money
See this ****** cry and moaning  

Freestyle is my life line
Poetry is my fun stuff
Sipping on some good wine
3 bars on the number line

I know I’m going fast
(Gonna take it slow)
Chi lax,
I know I’m fast
(Gonna take a rest)
For the best
Lending on the rappers nest
This is just a test
Hope I beat the rest
(on another rhyme) HELL YEAH!!
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