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Lizabeth Sep 2014

come sleep
come put your arms around me
sweet lavender boy
lay down your sweet scent
and take me gently
away on a night's note
Lizabeth Jul 2014
it surged through that night
an intense blast of energy
a blaze, a firing of flames
and vivid heat
merciless and destructive
I had to run away
and then I felt guilty
but I was on fire

whiskey stained steps strode quickly east
to the other side of the river
where home is now
why were you on my mind?
poking holes
not letting me move
I was on fire

size fives were bolting when
I was beginning to realise I was angry
they were asking about you
and where you were
where were you?
when I was blue
on fire

the heat flowed down my face
on the last stretch home
impairing my vision
dark and alone
and all I could think of
was calling you just to say
you burned me down
Lizabeth Jul 2014
you are like the sea
what you hide, it scares me
you too are a blissful body
overcome with angry swells

you throw me off my ship
hopelessly, you torment
forever rippling and changing
and flowing the other way

you are like the ocean
only partly revealed and explored
you are huge and complex
beautiful yet overwhelming

you carry many stories
hide many a sunken ship
break countless hearts
and yet still you remain loved
Lizabeth Jun 2014

what can we do but dance?

when we have had our fill of anger,

why do we kick the dirt on the negative path?
a bad habit
Lizabeth Jun 2014
please try not to worry about the flower
that is growing within you
it moves me to think that you try so hard
and that you love so hard

i hope that it will not wilt
your special orchid gift
for you deserve a full garden
and you shall have it
Lizabeth Jun 2014
all morning I dreamt of ill fitting dresses
they were ugly too
i woke up irked, thinking
that's just me
Lizabeth Nov 2013

I am a constant
he would be proud
of the dangerous affair
you see
I am
chronically so
unable to escape
the realm
I present to myself
in a maze
on the way
to the endless
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