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liv Sep 22
i saw her eyes beneath the sea,
her seductive song calling to me.
it's a tune i knew, though something changed.
it felt like home, though something's strange.
she told me i could be free,
free as the summer breeze,
as it blew across my skin.
and she promised me a home,
the one i've wished for all along,
as she lured me further in.
but deep down i knew,
what she promised could not be true,
yet i waded in to the arms of the siren.
liv Sep 21
i hear the floor is creaking,
from those who walked here before.
i hear the pipes are leaking,
from all the winters they have endured.
i hear the lovers weeping,
for a love they have no more.
and i see the stars are twinkling,
light years from these distant shores.
liv Sep 17
suddenly i saw it. i saw you, but five years older. i ran into you on the street. i could see by the way your eyes seemed to hold the entire universe inside them that you were in love. i asked who the lucky girl was. i could feel the love in your voice, it was dripping with it. you said i reminded you of her, in the way you never had to pretend to be someone you weren’t. in the way her soul ached for the sound of music. in the way she saw the world through a different lens. i said the last time i saw you, you were so afraid to let anyone in, terrified of getting hurt.
you said the words i knew were coming since the day we met. you said,
“she’s worth it…”
i finished the sentence for you:
“… and i wasn’t.”
that was the difference.
when i looked up, you were five years younger again. and in that moment, i knew it to be true. no matter what i would do, you were never meant to be mine.
liv Jul 16
all my life,
i've been a victim to time.
too young,
an old soul,
born in the wrong era,
bad timing.
and now to time,
i surrender.
liv Jul 15
what’s meant to be will be,
and if that is we,
then i know it,
i swear,
then he will come back to me.
liv Jul 15
you were never mine,
but i was always yours.
i’ll always be yours,
if you want me.
liv Jul 1
i miss you,
but things have changed.
you are not the same.
i’m looking at this picture,
but there’s nothing left
of the way it used to be.
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