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Monalisa Tariro Feb 2019
Faint lines between the imaginary thoughts of *******,keeps on defying my love for you.
It made no sense at first,until you made your first giggle to me.

You might think im stupid,
But its crazy...
If i think of taking you to bed ,
All i want,
is for you to Rest In Peace .

I loved you from afar and you didn't notice...
Tell me why!
I eloped  (kidnapped) with you and you told the police.

If i cant have you my love, then we will surely be in the grave together.
Lets say a different version of Romeo and Juliet...

I left roses for you on the doorstep,
And you thought it was your daring boyfriend.
It's not my fault we share the same name you know...

PS~By the time you read this I'll be there on your door step with a gun,roses, a wedding dress and a priest.

Yours Truly
Mr  Stalker

Lisa the Poet
Monalisa Tariro Feb 2019
Yet another tear falls on the crimson page, my heart in a prison is caged.
Can a poet be loved?
Is mine just the life of writing poems for other lovers and never have one written for me.
Are my writings not a reflection of what I wish could also happen to me. I long for affection, it has been long since I waited, along with such sadness I still have to wait longer for the already long awaited.
As my movie end, a black shade appears,  is it where it all ends for me?
Not even a preview of something better to come.
Shuttered are my hopes,  someone throw me the rope.
Sobbing has become my companion, days appearing longer and slower than a chameleon.
Only time can heal the wounds of my soul.
Can my heart take another heartbreak?
Monalisa Tariro Jan 2019
Im broken,waiting for your love to heal me...
Its been long ,long enough not to hear my heartbeat.

So i work overtime hours ,not to miss you...
You dont get it,i have future plans and fairytales in my head.

Let me know when im wrong or when its over,this way i can make the galaxy  my pillow and count the stars,
stars you mentioned there where in my eyes...

Sometimes ,
Sometimes i walk in the streets and within the seats of the city ,i see lovers everywhere .
I know love doesn't pay the bills,but gives me the power to hustle to pay my bills.

These are my loner days,
Days of shedding dark memories,
memories that will fool the moon to rise at day.

Lisa The Poet
when bae isnt around and the ink is your tears
Monalisa Tariro Jan 2019
To You My Son

Every women is created with a special ability and feature ,not all are the same...
Im the first woman to love you ,so put it at heart that i ll never mislead you...
That future wife treat her like you would want any man to treat your daughter...

Love is a beautiful thing and God given..
Fear the Lord and exalt his name always.
My son walk in the Path of Jehovah and shun all evil.

"Be a player my guy"
Shun away from such company ,because i your mother installed good values in you.
Work hard and the Lord shall reward your good works...
And yes my baby if the Lord blesses you,bless others also.
Its a secret to a multiplication of your wealth and resources.

Now listen carefully ,
One day i wont be there...
Make sure you bring up your kids in the ways of the Lord...
Teach them to pray and stay with the Lord.

Every time you walk, know that you are blessed ,powerful,handsome and you are part of every royal generation.

Your Loving

Lisa The Poet
This is to all man and future man...
Be kind and faithfull to your women.

— The End —