Linnea Wilson May 2014

And your body swayed red with fire.
And reminded me that passion exists.
Still. In this age of prothstetic souls and bones.
Your two feet walked like steel on earth.
Solid and understanding.
And the power that came from your eyes,
was purple with regality and a soft blue
that comforted me and the ungraceful body
I was given to call home.
Your body kept swaying red with fire.
Never ceasing.
Showing me that I have the same endurance
within me, too.
And someday when I'm stronger,
my body will sway red, too.
And our passion together will burn the brightest fire.

May 20, 2014
Linnea Wilson May 2014

I read the poetry of Hafiz
and Rumi, Shakespeare and Neruda.
Hundreds of years a part.
Yet, they all write about you.

Nothing can I read about love
without seeing your face,
hearing your words,
and feeling your skin.

I have been conditioned
like a salivating dog,
to pair your being
with love.
(and rightly so, I'd say).

For your real life love
makes the poet's words
and sigh with satisfaction.

And when I think of your love,
I imagine a love greater
than any ever written.
A bond so close,
it can't fit into poetic words.

May 5, 2014
Linnea Wilson Feb 2014

This Tuesday is a Tuesday
unlike any other.
because on this Tuesday,
I love you
more than I ever have.
You are occupying
every nook of my thoughts
and making this
long, sleepy day

February 4, 2014
Linnea Wilson Feb 2014

A beautiful time together
learning about partnership
and selflessness
and vulnerability.
We've both learned more
about this life through
our relationship
than in any college courses
we've taken.
In this time,
we've cried
and fought
and kissed
and laughed.
This is the last
Valentine's Day
before we become one-
husband and wife.
Which makes our
time together so special-
having a long past behind us,
and a long, loving future ahead of us
full of crying,
and laughing.

February 3, 2014
Linnea Wilson Feb 2014

and it was in my moment of listening
where I came to understand
what I have received.
an undeniable love
wrapped in a powerful unconventional beauty.
and so,
abandoning all stress and tension
releasing anger and anxiety,
I accepted the gift,
the honor, really
and became not just
my father's daughter
but the Potter's daughter.
I took my gift
and it came with an avalanche
of light and unconditional
So during that moment of listening,
that short, sweet moment,
I grew anew and
became who
my identity truly was.

January 30, 2014
Linnea Wilson Feb 2014

For it was in your love
you taught me
to love.
and wrap my branches around
another human's body
and heart.
and let my tense and
distrustful roots
breathe out a sigh
and relax their muscles.
The gentleness of your love
made me smile, blush,
and feel planted
just where the heavens
made me to be.
Your softness whispered
to me.
and told me
I am brave
and strong
and beautiful.
And your fingers
Would lightly brush my leaves,
making my eyes close
and see the most beautiful
future before us.
For it was in your love
that came a stirring
inside my heart to love,
It opened my pores
and made me
believe that love can
cause any creature
in our world to come to life.

January 30, 2014
Linnea Wilson Dec 2013

tell me your scary stories
where your terror and fear
match the angry sea
during a storm.
make my heart race
and keep my fingers
entwined with yours.
in the end, though,
be sure to tell me
it will all be okay.
and that we will be okay
in this world.
okay, really,
turn the lights back on.
this darkness and distance
has gone on long enough.
what? six more months
of separation?
you did it.
I'm terrified.

November 11, 2013
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