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Did you ever love someone and know they didn't love you?
Did you ever feel like crying and wonder what good it would do?
Did you ever look into his eyes and say a little prayer?
Did you ever look into his heart and wish you were there?
Did you ever whisper, "God, I love him". And never say a word?
Please don't fall in love my friend, you'll see it doesn't pay.
Although it causes broken hearts, it happens everyday.
Love is fun, but it hurts so bad, the price you pay is high.
If i could choose between love or death, i think i'd rather die.
so, i say to you my friend, don't fall in love, you'll be hurt before it's through.
You see my friend, i ought to know, i fell in love with you.
Let it go and so fade away
to let it go
Oh yeah and so fade away
To let it go on and so to fade away
Im wide awake
Wide awake
Im not sleeping
Oh no, no, no....
My cousins last poem, Oct 28, 2012, before he killed himself, Nov 8, 2012.
Glazed, ice on ice,
Dark holes in the night
It creeps under your skin
Up through your nose
You breathe it in
Stumbling around
You shake
And still come back for more
The monster in the closet
That always calls your name
And you-you follow it anyway
Though you know the game
It glitters in the sun.
Fire in a bag.
You soar so high....
Then you crash a week later.
My love
My unholy monster
Blithe spirits flow
How many times to be rebuked
By spirits low of jealous vindictiveness
Just because i strive to be myself
Unmasked of petty games
Is this the way of earthly life?
Why then my spirit defeated
My heart bends low and i no longer care
If life continues, i want to go
And welcome freedom of earthly death
When i had been brought
To break of earthly despair
This experience, the evenings first dim glow
A presence felt, implied
The only pressure, upon your head
Is the atmosphere above
I felt myself lifted to the universe i flowed
Oh joys to come
This is why i no longer wish to stay
Upon this crusty earth, this stepping stone
From worldly release i know my spirit will soar
To join with my others
Who know no games  
And who are free.
Ugh. To my cousin, Mike Tompins, who died from suicide, Nov 8, 2012.
I have a lonely feeling
Deep within my chest
To feel my man next to me
And give my anguish rest.

To feel warm moist lips
Brush against my cheek
As we embrace and climb towards
Fulfillment that we seek

To lay in tender ecstasy
Our bodies closely pressed
And feel relaxed contentment
When our desires are blessed

To see into eyes as blue as night
A love that asks no pay
Only love in return
Until our dying day.
I want to laugh
I want to cry

I am aggressive
I am shy

I feel strong
I feel weak

I feel confident
I feel meek

I look pretty
I look bad

I feel happy
I feel sad

I am love
I am hate

I act crazy
I act straight

I feel soft
I feel tough

I feel ****
I feel rough

Many emotions amidst each day
Together with reason guide my way!
Criminal record, drug abuse. Hurting others, no reason or excuse.
Go to church? What's the point? Do another line.
Roll another joint.
A bad attitude, another tattoo. Yeah i did. What's it to u?
Reaching new lows, yet calling them highs.
Hiding the truth, dewelling on lies.
Looking over my shoulder, dealing drugs.
Abandoning family, running with thugs.
My own personal war waged as a child:
Cussed, beaten, and sexually defiled.
I loved like i could, but lived like i shouldn't.
Thinking i could even up, but really i couldn't.
Finally, i fell to my knees, let go of my pride
Then asked the Lord to heal me inside.
I thanked Him for His mercy and death on the cross.
I gave Him my all and made Him "The Boss"

— The End —