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lina marie Sep 2012
As the blood
Slowly trickled
And danced down his skin,
I ran as quickly as I possibly could
To him.

He suffocated in my embrace
And drowned in my tears,
But still all of my love
Could him not repair.

I cradled him in my arms
For hours on end,
Explaining how much
I cared for him.

He shot down every word
And pushed me aside,
Claiming that nothing  I said
Would ever fill the hole inside.

A week later
I sat in the
Third pew, fourth seat
At his funeral,
And placed a dozen yellow roses
On his casket.
For adam.
lina marie Sep 2012
The crisp, autumn air
Whips my flaxen blond hair
Across my face,
Shielding my eyes.

You pull back a strand,
One by one,
Revealing my eyes
To yours.

Your cold hand travels from my cheek
To my jaw,
Until your hand rests
Just behind my ear.

You slowly move your head closer to mine,
Pressing your chilled lips
On my rosy cheek.

At the same time,
A gust of wind
Twirls freshly fallen leaves
Around our tangled feet.
lina marie Sep 2012
J'aurais t'aimer
Si tu aurais m'aimer,
Comme un garçon doit.

Mais tu m'as menti,
Tous les temps.
Sans explanation.

Parce que tu m'a aimé
Comme un père doit aimer
Sa fille.

Cet jour j'ai perdu
Mon coeur,
Mon meilleure ami,
Et toi.

Nous ne nous parlons jamais.
Et tu me manques.
lina marie Sep 2012
So I sit
in my chair,
listening to my groaning heart.

And with a great sigh of stuffy air,
my mind is overwhelmed with thought.

Gentle, tender kisses,
slowly burn away my lips.
Soft-spoken traces of words
quickly savage my heart,
now gaping open,
spilling all wisdom and wits.

And so I sit,
in my sitting chair,
listening to my open, groaning heart.
I hear it cry,
and mourn,
and so I cover it up,
quickly saying goodbye.

A lulling head
and tear-covered lashes.
The most brilliant, consuming sparks,
cause the most heart-wrenching messes.

So I sit
in my sitting chair,
my heart healed from all its gashes.
The walls surrounding my heart slowly crumble;
the wreckage and disaster have passed,
exposing my heart
to the brightness of a new day,
a release from solitude.
lina marie Sep 2012
Warm summer breeze,
Slow my heart.
Bull frog's call,
Soothe my ears.
My shining star,
Calm my worries.
Silent, distant lightning,
Remind me of courage.
Flickering fireflies,
Take my wishes,
My hopes,
And dreams.
Carry them home,
Straight to you.
I wrote this sometime during the summer away from home. I was outside surrounded by heat lightning, which was absolutely stunning.

— The End —