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Sep 2012
So I sit
in my chair,
listening to my groaning heart.

And with a great sigh of stuffy air,
my mind is overwhelmed with thought.

Gentle, tender kisses,
slowly burn away my lips.
Soft-spoken traces of words
quickly savage my heart,
now gaping open,
spilling all wisdom and wits.

And so I sit,
in my sitting chair,
listening to my open, groaning heart.
I hear it cry,
and mourn,
and so I cover it up,
quickly saying goodbye.

A lulling head
and tear-covered lashes.
The most brilliant, consuming sparks,
cause the most heart-wrenching messes.

So I sit
in my sitting chair,
my heart healed from all its gashes.
The walls surrounding my heart slowly crumble;
the wreckage and disaster have passed,
exposing my heart
to the brightness of a new day,
a release from solitude.
lina marie
Written by
lina marie
   Andy Cave
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