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 May 2013 lina
Elizabeth G
I will survive.
No I am not referencing popular culture.  
I am referencing a movement so much larger than that.  
I am referencing an epic movement which centers around the
***** in the middle of my hand.  
I am referencing myself.  
Everyone and their brother, literally,
can ******* and die.  

The amount of a **** that I give is
so low,
I am moving on.  

I am rising up.  
I will stand up proud.  
I am human and I am only human
and I will accept this,
as will the rest of the world because I will
shove it down their throats just like the
***** that have been shoved down

I will regurgitate all your rotting ******* *****
and I will laugh at the
horrified look on your face
when you realize that I simply
do not
give a ****

I will cherish every second of the
fear and trembling
you ******* cowards feel
and deserve to feel
as you watch me grow into a giant,
as you watch me walk all over you with
a kind of self-respect that can only be found
in novels and movies.  

You will watch me laugh
as I wash away the filth you've ground me into,
you will watch me morph
into a woman that would never look
at a man that even resembles the likes of you.  

You will watch me forget your name,
forget your very existence.  And I will not give a flying ****.
 May 2013 lina
Hazel M
 May 2013 lina
Hazel M
I want mountains of dirt,
and hills of stones
and mounds of knowledge
in books, great tomes

I want patience (for you)
- and ease of speech

I want thoughts to chew
I want students to teach

I want people that know
- and arms that reach

I want oceans of water
and seas of colour
and rivers of time
carving valleys with fervour

I want nothing below
I want nothing above

I want hope, and grace,
but I’ll settle for love.

— The End —